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The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound effects on us all as teachers and as members of the BCTF. For the first time in the Federation’s history, members have not been able to gather in schools and local offices to discuss and vote on a new collective agreement. Instead, we’ve had to find ways to ensure our democratic traditions live on in virtual spaces.

So, after three days and nights of online voting, we can announce that the new collective agreement was approved with 98% voting in favour.

  • 31,838 BCTF members voted
  • 31,087 voted in favour
  • 751 voted against

A message from BCTF President Teri Mooring:

Thank you, teachers, for taking the time to review the Agreement-in-Committee documents, participate in our telephone town halls, and engage through social media and Livestream. This was a vote like no other in our history and I am proud of how quickly our union was able to come up with new ways to engage so many people during this time of physical and social distancing.

This was a long and tough round of negotiations where we had to fight off dramatic concessions that nobody anticipated. Thanks to your public advocacy and solidarity, we were able to get the government to back down and make some important gains for you, our members.

Please continue to take care of yourselves and loved ones during these unprecedented and difficult days. I am so proud of all of the commitment, caring, and creativity teachers are pouring into their work. You are all making a difference. 

Thank you and happy International Workers" Day!

Teri Mooring



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