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Questions and answers about underfunding
The 2016 provincial budget will be presented on February 16. BCTF researcher Margaret White has prepared a set of questions and answers about funding that will help evaluate whether the government continues underfunding, or listens to the many voices calling for it to provide adequate funding.

February is Antipoverty Month: What can teachers do?
British Columbia is one of the richest provinces in Canada, yet our poverty numbers are staggering. As caring, conscientious educators, what can teachers do to raise students’ awareness about this very real tragedy in our society?

BCTF looking forward to opportunity to have case heard by Supreme Court of Canada 
The Supreme Court of Canada's decision to hear the BCTF's appeal of the 2015 BC Court of Appeal ruling is a very important step in the ongoing legal process and we are pleased to have the opportunity to present our arguments to the nation's highest court, BC Teachers' Federation President Jim Iker says.

Foundation Skills Assessment testing
Many parents of Grade 4 and 7 students in BC will receive a sealed envelope addressed to them with information about this year’s Foundation Skills Assessment testing, as well as a withdrawal request form for their consideration. Teachers respect the rights of informed parents to decide on their child’s participation in non-curricular activities. Please visit our FSA page to find out about the ongoing concerns of teachers and others regarding these unnecessary and outdated tests, as well as other background information.

MyEducation BC — critical issues in technology
MyEducation BC is the new student information system for BC schools. New technologies always raise issues—from implementation and support to privacy in the era of “Big data.”

BCTF Conference for New Teachers, New TTOCs, and Student Teachers
Registration for the conference to be held at the Radisson Hotel in Richmond on February 26 and 27 is open. Please click here to register.

Humanitarian crisis—how to help
In light of the current refugee crisis, many teachers are wondering what they and their students can do to help. A number of different options are available.

Education funding brief
Recommendations for more funding for public schools were presented by the BCTF to the Standing Committee of the Legislature on Finance: funding for curriculum change, more teaching staff, and restoring free education for adults. Reduced funding for private schools was also recommended. 

Teaching for Reconciliation 
In addition to the Federation’s new Project of Heart: Illuminating the Hidden History of Residential Schools in BC resource featured in the slider above, the First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) has released three excellent new grade 5, grade 10, and grade 11/12 residential school teaching resources. These can be downloaded for free, and support teaching of the new curriculum. 

Adult Education in BC’s public schools: Lost opportunities for students, employers, and society—A BCTF study of working and learning conditions
A study of Adult Education in BC’s public schools in the context of policy changes and funding cuts.


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