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“Research supports the common-sense notion that children learn more and teachers are more effective in smaller classes.”

Feb 2014, US National Education Policy Centre
President's message

““Teachers do not take job action lightly. We care deeply about our schools, our students, and our communities.”

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fair deal brochure

This new brochure highlights the facts behind teachers’ goals at the bargaining table.

Supreme court ruling

The latest edition of Teacher magazine has full coverage of the Supreme Court ruling.

Fair deal

News Items

News Release - BC teachers issued 72-hour strike notice for low-level Stage 1 action
In response to disappointing progress at the negotiating table where the Christy Clark government and employer’s association have not backed off from unfair and unreasonable demands, BC Teachers’ Federation President Jim Iker announced that on April 23rd teachers will begin low-level Stage 1 job action that only targets administrative duties.

Bargaining updates
Members can login to the member portal for the latest updates. Your BCTF member ID number is your login username. If you need help registering for the first time or logging in, please refer to our portal help guide If you need further help, email or call 604-871-2119 or toll-free 1-800-663-9163 (local 2119).

International Solidarity Program
International solidarity is an important aspect of the BCTF commitment to social justice. Information about the program can be found on the new Information Solidarity web page.

BC Supreme Court Ruling on Bills 28 and 22
January 27, 2014: an historic day for public education and labour rights in BC. The BC Supreme Court reaffirmed that provincial legislation limiting teachers’ bargaining rights is unconstitutional, restored collective agreement provisions stripped in 2002, and ordered the province to pay $2 million in damages plus court costs.

Together FAIRNESS WORKS Campaign
The 3.3 million members of the Canadian Labour Congress and its affiliates stand up for fairness in ways that benefit all Canadians, whether you belong to a union or not. We know that the vast majority of Canadians share the values of the labour movement. Together, working people built Canada’s middle class and created a country with fairness as one of its fundamental values.

Poverty and education research
BCTF Research, in collaboration with the social justice Antipoverty Action Group, conducted focus group research and a provincial survey on poverty and education issues, from a teacher’s perspective.

2013 Education Funding Brief
BCTF to the Legislative Committee on Finance: Increase funding levels to the average in Canada over three years. That will require $1,000 per student more, just to reach the average.

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