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BCTF Summer Conference
The 2015 conference will take place in Kamloops at Thompson Rivers University from August 26-28, 2015. 

BCTF looks forward to meeting new Minister of Education
Regarding today’s announcement of a new Minister of Education in BC, BCTF President Jim Iker said, “We look forward to meeting Minister Bernier and getting him up to speed on the significant challenges—like underfunding, class composition, and the lack of specialist teachers— that are impacting our schools and students.”

World Congress of teachers takes place in Canada for the first time
The international teacher union movement is united and on the move to promote the rights of every child worldwide to a quality public education. More than 2,000 teacher leaders from 190 countries met in Ottawa from July 21–26, 2015 to participate in the World Congress of Education International (EI).

Rallies call for release of Iranian teacher leader
“Iran—Free our teachers!” That is the message from teacher activists in Iran and thousands of colleagues from around the world who are gathered in Ottawa for the 7th World Congress of Education International.

An estimated 100 teachers were arrested July 22 in Tehran as they held a silent vigil in support of Esmail Abdi, General Secretary of the Iranian Teachers’ Trade Association, and other imprisoned teachers.

Adult Education in BC’s public schools: Lost opportunities for students, employers, and society—A BCTF study of working and learning conditions
A study of Adult Education in BC’s public schools in the context of policy changes and funding cuts.

Facilitators’ Institute Training 
The Facilitators’ Institute Training (FIT) will take place in Kamloops at Thompson Rivers University from August 23–25, 2015.

MyEducation BC — critical issues in technology
MyEducation BC is the new student information system for BC schools. New technologies always raise issues—from implementation and support to privacy in the era of “Big data.” This Powerpoint frames some of these issues.

Independent school funding has increased more than 60% in the last decade, compared to less than 20% for public schools. Ministry budget projections for the next 3 years show further major gains. More...

Education funding—questions and answers
Does education funding for public schools even keep up with general inflation? What about other downloaded costs? Find answers to these and other questions about education funding.

Teacher Solidarity Across Borders
Read a new article about the importance of international solidarity in counteracting the effects of neo-liberalism worldwide. Find out more about the BCTF’s International Solidarity program at the updated webpage here.

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