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Environment and Sustainability Workshops

The BCTF offers a variety of free workshops to teachers that aim to develop skills to address social justice issues within our classrooms and school communities. The following workshops are available for booking through the BCTF.

To request these or other Social Justice workshops for a school-based, local, or regional professional development day or School Union Representative Training (SURT) day, click on the "Book this Workshop" link below the workshop description on the BCTF Social Justice and Global Education Workshops page.  

Taking Action for Climate Justice

(1.5–3 hours, includes off-screen working session and break)

This workshop will provide participates with an increased understanding of the urgency to take action on global warming. Participants will leave the workshop with a bank of lessons and resources to teach about climate justice along with the skills needed to address controversial issues in the classroom. The workshop provides strategies for teachers to support existing BCTF policies related to climate action by supporting students in advocating for climate justice in their communities and at the provincial and national level.

This workshop has been adapted for online facilitation.

Teaching Green: Food Security

(1.5–3 hours) 

Participants will explore food security and food sovereignty issues and their social justice impacts, locally and globally through activities that can be applied in their classrooms. Learn how power and privilege shape how much access we/others have to healthy, culturally appropriate, and sustainably grown food. Participants will create an action plan to increase access to adequate and healthy food in their school community.

This workshop has been adapted for online facilitation.

Teaching Green: Water Security

(1.5–3 hours)

Participants will develop a clear understanding of human rights and water rights in relation to water access at the global and local level, recognize their collective responsibility in naming privilege in the stewardship of water resources at the local and global level, specifically within Indigenous communities, and create a plan of action to ensure water insecurity issues remain relevant in the classroom. The workshop will also cover how to advocate and support activism at the community and global level.

This workshop has been adapted for online facilitation.  

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