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Kids in class  

Research supports the common-sense notion that children learn more and teachers are more effective in smaller classes.

– February 2014, US National Education Policy Centre

By contrast, Education Minister Peter Fassbender, told the CBCon
February 6, 2014:

“All the research I’ve seen clearly suggests that class size has nothing to do with outcomes.”

That will come as news to Canadian private schools:

Smaller classes take less of a “one size fits all” approach, and the teacher has the ability to tailor lessons more specifically to different students. Fewer children allow teachers to get to know students, their distinct learning styles and needs, and more time with each student also means more time to address individual questions and explain difficult concepts with students.

2013/14 Canada Private Schools Guide Annual Directory 

Visit the BCTF website at bctf.ca and follow the links to Issues in Education and the BCTF Class Size Research page to read the many independent studies that show the benefits of small class sizes.

Did You Know #5, February 2014

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