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Enrolling and Non-Enrolling Teaching Positions in BC

Over the past 16 years, BC has lost close to 3,000 teaching positions.


Of the 3,000 teaching positions lost, over 1,700 of those positions were specialist teaching position, including nearly 1,000 special education teachers and 363 teacher-librarians.2


Not surprisingly, therefore, the workload of specialist teachers skyrocketed.3

TSgraph3 TSgraph2

Between 2000–01 and 2016–17, the number of students per teacher-librarian increased by 55%, and the number of English language learner (ELL) students per teacher increased by 54%.


The number of Aboriginal students per Aboriginal education teacher declined from a high reached in 2003–04, but overall there is a 41% increase in the number of students per aboriginal teacher teacher since 2000–01.

On November 10, 2016, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the stripping of collective agreement provisions around class size, composition, and specialist teaching ratios by the Government of British Columbia in 2002 was illegal and unconstitutional. This decision represented the culmination of a 15-year struggle by the BCTF to restore working and learning conditions in BC's public schools. We expect and look forward to reporting improved data on teaching positions in the very near future.


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