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The Growing Demand for Teachers

In 2019, BC needs over 1,500 new teachers. This number will increase in the future.


Aside from a slight drop in demand in 2020, the BC Government estimates that an increasing number of teachers will be needed each year for the next 10 years, increasing to almost 1,900 new teachers in 2028.

Of these positions, 60% will be in Kindergarten and elementary classrooms, while 40% will be in secondary schools. Most of the positions will be for replacing teachers who retire.

It is estimated that there won’t be enough graduates from BC Teacher Education Programs to meet estimated needs.


After 2010–11, the number of graduates from BC teacher education programs fell from over 2,000 a year, to just over 1,500 a year. A slight recovery in 2017–18 means there are now just enough graduates to cover the estimated openings for 2019. Current job openings to restore the collective agreements’ contract language plus increased future demands means that many more graduates will be needed in future years.

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