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Health and Safety Tips When Using Computers

Is your child a computer geek?

One of the fastest growing injuries amongst children is repetitive strain injury caused by hours at the computer. Unlike our generation, kids are growing up with computers and start using them at a very early age when their bodies are still growing and maturing. Awkward postures at the computer, long hours without a break, and inadequately designed computer stations are causing serious injuries to children at an increasing rate. Here are some tips to assess whether your child's computer station and computer work is healthy or safe:

  • make sure you have both an adjustable table and chair so that ergonomic accommodations can be made for each person using the computer
  • the computer screen should be front and centre so neck turning is unnecessary
  • the computer screen should be at eye level so little neck movement up or down is necessary
  • the chair should be adjusted to that forearms and wrists are horizontal to the keyboard and little wrist movement is necessary
  • the chair should be at a level so that legs are bent in a 90 degree angle with feet flat on the floor
  • adequate lighting that does not produce a glare on the screen should be provided
  • ensure breaks every twenty minutes
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