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1987 Bills 19 & 20

Vanderzalm and McMurphy, April 1987In 1985, the Federation launched a Charter challenge claiming that the denial of full bargaining rights for teachers was a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In response, in 1987 the provincial Social Credit government passed Bills 19 and 20, giving teachers full bargaining rights at the local level, including the right to strike, but removing statutory membership in the BCTF. Principals and vice principals were removed from the bargaining units and became managers in school districts. A College of Teachers was established to attempt to take over the “professional” functions of teachers from the BCTF. Nevertheless, the BCTF organized and co-ordinated its 76 locals to sign up teachers into the BCTF and to opt for, in every local, the “union” model for bargaining. And when elections for the College of Teachers were held, BCTF-endorsed candidates won all 15 of the elected spots on the board. What emerged in bargaining was a system of co-ordinated local negotiations. Locals were the bargaining units charged with the responsibility of negotiating collective agreements with their school boards. 

See Gaining Full Bargaining Rights by Ken Novakowski, Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 12, Number 6, April 2000, for more.

1987 Carson teachers at Bills 19 and 20 protest rally

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