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No-one Voted for That

Geoff Peters 2002

No-one Votes for That song lyricsNo-one Votes for That song notesThe Campbell BC Liberal government swept into office with an unheard of majority of 75-2 MLAs. They had promised huge income tax cuts for corporations and individuals. 

On election, they found that the magnitude of the promised tax reductions would require huge cuts to public services. The Premier’s written promise to respect signed contracts was immediately ignored and teachers, as well as HEU and CUPE, were hit hard.

Government documents uncovered during the discovery phase of our Court challenge showed that their interest in public education was merely how much money could be squeezed out of the budget. They actually pondered how high they could push class sizes and teacher firing before the public rebelled. 

We all remember the resulting massive cuts to class size limits, support for special needs students and resources for schools. The law required appointed Arbitrator Rice to strip every clause related to limits on Board discretion around staffing. Also, he removed every other clause that trustees found irritating. 

At the same time, other public sector unions, especially HEU were facing similar issues. Across the province cuts were made on regulatory boards, to support services, and in almost every department of government. 

This song was originally a very long list of the effects of the Government’s actions. It was easily rewritten by local singers to meet local needs for teachers, other unions and community groups.