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PSA Home Pages on BCTF

If your PSA would like to maintain a World Wide Web home page on the BCTF web site, send a request to webmanager@bctf.ca. We will need the name of your PSA, an e-mail contact and a phone number. Once approved, we will contact you by e-mail and supply you with a password.

Creating Your Web Pages

We cannot teach you how to construct Web pages, but there are many resources available on the Web itself.

Some suggestions…
Please remember to give your files an appropriate extension (typically: .html, .txt, .gif or .jpg). You should avoid most "special" characters in naming your files (blanks, quotes, slashes, greater than, less than, etc.), although dashes and underscores are acceptable. The first character of your file name should be a letter (upper or lower case) or a number.

We suggest you name your home page index.html or default.html; this will make it easier for browsers to find your page. Naming your home page this way will also make it easier for you to link back to it from other pages you may choose to have in your web site. If you do not name your homepage index.html, then browsing for http://www.bctf.ca/Localnn/ will display a directory listing of all your uploaded files, rather than your home page.

Note: Please ensure that you have only a single file of any type named index or default as more than one instance of the default file may cause unexpected results when viewing your home page.

Uploading Your Web Pages

To upload your HTML and related files to the BCTF Web Server, you will need to use a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program. (We assume that you can connect to the Internet and use a WWW browser.)

  • If you're currently using an FTP program, skip the next two sections and move on to the details on connecting to our FTP server and uploading files to your PSA's reserved area. (Instructions are for WS_FTP, but all FTP clients will have similar functionality.)
  • If you're not familiar with FTP, we have prepared the following instructions to make it as painless as possible.

Download an FTP client program

First, connect to the Internet, start your browser and use it to download the FTP client program to your computer.

For Windows users, we recommend WS_FTP LE, available at www.ftpplanet.com/download.asp.
For Macintosh users, we recommend Fetch, available at fetchsoftworks.com.

All instructions below assume you are downloading/using WS_FTP.

After you have downloaded WS_FTP, you must unzip it and then follow the instructions to install it on your computer.

Create an FTP entry

You should now add the BCTF FTP server to the list of servers recognized by your program. (The following procedure is for WS_FTP; other FTP programs will operate quite similarly.)

Connect to the Internet and then double-click the WS_FTP icon to start the program.

In WS_FTP a server is added by pressing the New button to create a new Session Profile. Enter the following values (other fields are optional).

  • Profile Name: BCTF
  • Host Name: ftp.bctf.ca
  • User ID: your PSA name abbreviation
  • Password: your password

Now press the Save button to store the Session Profile.

In Fetch, use Customize/Edit Shortcuts... and press New. Then enter the following values.

  • Shortcut: BCTF
  • Host: ftp.bctf.ca
  • User ID: your PSA name
  • Password: your password

Press OK twice.

Connect to the BCTF FTP server

Using WS_FTP, with the BCTF session active press Connect. Using Fetch, press Open Connection... and choose the BCTF Shortcut.

Once connected to the BCTF FTP server, you will be placed into the directory reserved for your PSA. Now upload your files. HTML and any other text files should be uploaded in ASCII (Text) mode. GIFs, JPEGs and any other binary files must be uploaded in Binary (Image, Raw Data) mode.

The URL for each of your files will now be


If you are using partial URL references relative to a Base address in your HTML files, you likely want your BASE tag to read:

<BASE HREF = " http://www.bctf.ca/your-PSA-name/>"

Note: If you name your home page index.html browsers will be able to find it by simply looking for http://www.bctf.ca/your-PSA-name/ . If you do not have an index.html file, then http://www.bctf.ca/your-PSA-name/ will instead display a directory listing of all your uploaded files.

Finally, please remember to inform us when your site is up and running so we can update the link to it from our "BCTF - PSA Home Pages" location.

Please note that we are unable to support user-built CGI or other programs that interact with our server. We have a generic forms handler available for your use. Contact the webmanager if you need advice on these issues.

Further support information can be found on the BCTF Online Support page, Website Hosting Services.

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