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Provincial Specialist Association
publications and editors

Last updated June 6, 2012

PSAPublication [Circulation]Editor(s) / Contact(s)

Association Provinciale des Professeurs de l'Immersion et du Programme-Francophone BC
  Inform'APPIPC [500]  

Sophie Bergeron
Winslow Centre, SD43
1100B Winslow Avenue
Coquitlam, BC  V3J 2G3
604-937-6392  f: 604-936-6129

BC Educators for Distributed Learning PSA
  Contact [100]  

Chris Rozitis
Vancouver Learning Network
530 East 41st Avenue
Vancouver, BC  V5W 1P3  f: 604-713-5528

Physical Health Education British Columbia
  Moving Matters [400]  

Jonathan Bos
Courtenay Junior Secondary
1551 Lerwick Road
Courtenay, BC  V9N 9B5
250-334-2428  f: 250-334-0659