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Switch to Canada’s best national network and get preferred pricing for you and your family (on up to 5 lines). Save up to 30% on amazing phone plans plus, get big discounts on incredible new phones with the Bell Exclusive Partner Program.  

Visit or call 1 833 237-0600

Top 5 Benefits:

  1. Exclusive pricing up to 30% off select in-market rates
  2. Unlimited plans now available which protects employees from receiving data overage charges
  3. All phones are $0 up front allowing employees to take advantage of the latest and greatest devices
  4. New device return option which allows employees to receive additional discounts on hardware upfront
  5. Maximum of 5 EPP subscribers per employee account

Additional Information:

  • EPP pricing subject to change
  • Existing Bell Mobility Consumer customers who change to Bell EPP pricing will be charged a $50 migration fee plus remaining device balance
  • Must provide eligible proof of employment to get this offer
  • One time connection charge applies to new activations. Note as an introduction offer we’ll be waiving all new customer activation fees for up to 5 lines up to June 30, 2021.
  • Offer not valid in-stores

Find more details in the BCTF welcome flyer and onboarding flyer.