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The BC Teachers Federation embraces a culture of health & wellness.

We have joined Goodlife Fitness as a Provincial Corporate Partner. As a result, BCTF employees/members will be able to receive 15% off of anĀ All Access Membership at any club in BC. The All Access Membership has no restrictions and enables members' full use of any of their 300+ clubs across the country.

We are among 2700+ Canadian companies who have recognized the benefits of partnering with GoodLife Fitness as an incentive for their employees/members to start living an active lifestyle!

To receive the discount, proof of employment/membership will need to be provided by the employee/member - this can be anything that shows both the company name and the employee/member name. The corporate rate is also extended to spouses/partners & dependants (living at the same address as employee) once the employee/member has joined GoodLife Fitness.

For those employees/members who are existing members of GoodLife Fitness and want to take advantage of the corporate rate, they can simply inquire at their club and provide proof of employment/membership in order to switch plans.