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Teachers Teaching on Call Advisory Committee (TTOCAC) 2020–21

Julie Bond
78 (Fraser Cascade)
Wendy Fontaine
59-1 (Peace River South)
Sarah Harvey
61 (Greater Victoria)
Sonia Manak
62 (Sooke)
Morgan McKee 
41 (Burnaby)
Karine Ng
39-1 (Vancouver Elementary)
Nitasha Rajoo
43 (Coquitlam)
Richard Warrington
45 (West Vancouver)
Katelyn Watkinson
85 (Vancouver Island North)

Katherine Trepanier

Executive Committee representative 
Jenny Garrels
BCTF administrative staff co-ordinator
Bonnie Quan Symons   
BCTF support staff

Terms of Reference 

  1. To advise the BCTF Executive Committee on: 
    a.  policies, procedures, and activities regarding teachers teaching on call. 
    b.  strategies for improving the quality of life and professional recognition for teachers teaching on call. 
    c. structures, resources, and activities which encourage and support the participation of teachers who teach on call in the locals and the BCTF. 
  2. To support communications with members on TTOC issues.
  3. To advise, consult and advocate for TTOC issues with TTOC contacts, with locals, in zones, at BCTF Summer Leadership Conference and at the BCTF New Teachers’ Conference. 

Teachers Teaching on Call Advisory Committee Proposed Priorities for 2020–21

  1. Advocate for TTOCs to work closely with their locals to raise the profile of TTOCs and to promote a culture of professionalism.
  2. Actively advocate for improvements including recruitment and retention, working conditions, benefits, and salaries for TTOCs.
  3. Assist in developing and implementing strategies to encourage TTOCs to become more active in their locals, PSAs, and the Federation as a whole.
  4. Advocate for locals to develop strategies to respond to the needs of, and protect TTOCs’ health and safety, and improve TTOCs’ working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  5. Advocate for equity and awareness of equity seeking groups through a TTOC lens to ensure that all members can count on access, agency, and a sense of belonging.
  6. Support and promote the leadership priorities adopted by the 2020 AGM.
  7. To consider the role of the committee in decolonizing our schools and unions and to investigate the use of the BCTF Aboriginal lens in committee discussions.

Updated: February 2021

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