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Peace and Global Education Teacher Resource Books

  1. No Sweat: Fashion Free Trade and the Rights of Garment Workers
  2. Stitched Up: The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion - Tansy E. Hoskins
  3. Slaves to Fashion Poverty and Abuse in the New Sweatshops - Robert J.S. Ross 
  4. Rethinking Globalization: Teaching for Justice in an Unjust World” is a 400 page teaching resource. Sections cover colonialism, global sweatshops, child labor, along with culture, consumption and the environment. The book is available from Rethinking Schools.
  5. Challenging McWorld is a booklet designed to provide tools to enable concerned youth to develop skills required for confronting globalization in their daily lives. This resource by Tony Clarke and Sarah Dopp can be ordered from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.


Educating for Global Citizenship in a Changing World
This ten chapter teacher's resource handbook provides a range of ideas and practices for teaching and learning about citizenship within today's global context. It will be helpful to teachers who are considering ways to critically infuse global perspectives into classes or school-wide programs. Topics include creating inclusive classrooms for global perspectives, investigating public issues, social justice and human rights, and getting involved as global citizens. This resource was developed by Toronto area teachers with assistance from CIDA. It also includes a very useful chapter on web resources for the classroom.

The Global Classroom: Putting Process to Content
By June N Williams

Because global education lessons are designed to develop a sense of efficacy in students, they are almost always interactive and student centered.  Focusing on educational process, this practical guide for the classroom teacher provides concrete, hands-on strategies for implementing a global education approach at all grade levels and in all subject areas.  Included are:

  • strategies for establishing a positive classroom environment
  • information and advice about student grouping
  • a step-by step guide to cooperative learning
  • information about authentic assessment

Lesson plan remodelling: A map for the global voyage
by Gale Smith

Many teachers are interested infusing a global perspective into their teaching in order to make the curriculum more relevant in an increasingly globally interconnected world. This document presents a guide for remodelling existing lesson plans to include a global perspective. Avoiding the “tourist” approach or using global content as a “add on,” Gale Smith guides teachers to critically examine their lesson plans and transform them to true global education lesson plans that contribute to developing in students a global perspective.

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