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Peace and Global Education Video Resources

 The videos listed below are available to borrow from the  BCTF Information Services Department.

  • l'Affaire Coca-cola / The Coca-cola Case: Colombia is the trade union murder capital of the world. Since 2002, more than 470 workers' leaders have been brutally killed, usually by paramilitaries hired by private companies intent on crushing the unions. A searing indictment of a major corporate brand, The Coca-Cola Case takes us on a riveting legal game of cat and mouse via the U.S. federal court and the Stop Killer Coke! campaign.
  • Bitter Paradise: The Sell-Out of East Timor: The brutal takeover of East Timor was immediately condemned by the United Nations, yet Canada abstained. And since then, Canada has stepped up its aid and business ties to Indonesia in spite of an International human rights campaign to force Indonesia to withdraw. This documentary tells the story of one peoples' struggle for survival in a world dominated by the search for raw materials and new markets. It is a story of Canada's shameless, ongoing support for a predatory regime. And it's the story of Elaine Briere's personal political journey from the villages of East Timor to the halls of the United Nations, from political innocence to political activism.
  • Black Gold: Wake up and Smell the Coffee: With $80 billion in global sales, only 3 cents per cup of coffee reaches the coffee farmers. This film traces the path of the coffee consumed each day to the farmers who produce the beans. Black Gold asks us to 'wake up and smell the coffee', to face the unjust conditions under which our favorite drink is produced and to decide what we can do about it.
  • The Children’s War: Life in Northern Uganda: Filmmaker Andrew Krakower delves into the unspeakable atrocities perpetrated by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Northern Uganda. Hear the stories of the children who live in constant fear of kidnap, forced slavery and decimation of family and to the children who escaped and survived their capture. Discover how the Acholi people find a way of life among corrupt government soldiers whose protection from the rebels are accompanied by their own heinous abuses of power.
  • Myths for Profit: Canada’s Role in Industries of War and Peace: Through diverse interviews and case studies this documentary unveils the specific interests and profits that are made by certain corporations, individuals and agencies within Canada.
  • The Take explores how Argentina's 2001 economic collapse, where a prosperous middle-class economy was destroyed during 10 years of IMF policies, impacted the lives of ordinary workers. Follows 30 unemployed auto-parts workers, who stage a protest against their bosses and economic globalization by occupying their closed factory and refusing to leave.

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