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Antipoverty Month

November is the BCTF Antipoverty Month.

The members of CASJ's Antipoverty Action Group have compiled a list of resources to help teachers address issues of poverty during Antipoverty Month.

Each week in November will focus on a different theme. Resources for each week are available by clicking on the link.

Week 1:      Poverty at the School Level resources
                       Poverty at the School Level article
                       Hungry Students infographic
                       Staff Awareness infographic

Week 2:      Poverty in our Communities resources
                       Poverty Reduction Plan infographic
                       Poverty and School Attendance infographic
                       Economic Pressures on BC Families infographic

 Week 3:     Poverty in Canada resources
                       Funding is the Fuel infographic
                       Climbing the Money Wall infographic
                       Adequacy of Resources infographic

  Week 4:    Poverty at the World Level resources

Social justice contact movie night activity

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