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Poverty, it's local, it's global, it's all connected 

A Student Learning Resource

Text by Sandy Cameron, End Legislated Poverty

Edited and Student Activities
Patrick Clarke, B.C. Teachers' Federation 

Table of Contents

Advisory Group:

Dan Blake, Surrey School District
Sandy Cameron, End Legislated Poverty
Patrick Clarke, BCTF
Gavin Hainesworth, Surrey School District
Larry Kuehn, BCTF
Kathleen MacKinnon, BCTF
Tom Morton, Vancouver School District
Ellen Smith, Vancouver School District
Ginny Tahara, Burnaby School District 

With support from the Graphics, Information Services, and Research Departments of the BCTF.

The Poverty, it’s local, it’s global, it’s all connected student resource unit is produced as a co-operative initiative of End Legislated Poverty and the B.C. Teachers' Federation.

For more information on the work of End Legislated Poverty, contact

End Legislated Poverty
211-456 West Broadway, Vancouver
Tel: (604) 879-1209, Fax: (604) 879-1229

Teachers are encouraged to reproduce this resource for use with students.

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