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Webliography of Internet Resources for Global Education

Global education teaching resources by subject



Bananas Unpeeled: the Hidden Costs of Bananas
Download a CIDA funded global education curriculum developed for Grade 12 students by Ontario’s Global Education Network.

This website has free resources for teaching students of all ages about the linkages between fair trade and chocolate.


Children’s global arts
Based on the themes of "the world we live in" and "the world we want" children from around the world are invited to exchange cultural art forms in pursuit of a more peaceful, just and connected world. Supported by the University of Victoria.

Mandala Project
See how the Mandala is used as a tool for teaching.

TakingITGlobal: The Global Gallery
Browse through artwork created by youth all over the world, or view exhibitions that explore different concepts, cultures, peoples and places.


Escape from Affluenza: Teachers Guide (free)
This shows students the problem of over-consumption and its effects on society. Each activity includes a video clip and discussion questions.


Alliance to Save Energy
Download free resources for bringing energy efficiency into the classroom. Includes lesson plans from the Green Schools Program.

BC Min of Education: Environmental Concepts in the Classroom
This is an environmental teaching guide, which includes sample theme study units, references, and readings for educators.

The Cloud Institute
The Cloud Institute offers resources to help schools teach and learn for a sustainable future. Cloud Institute E-News Network.

David Suzuki Foundation
Website has good information on most environment and sustainability topics, which can be used to develop lesson plans.

This site is designed especially for youth doing study projects, internet research, or just interested in learning more about the environment.

Global Environmental and Outdoor Education Council (GEOEC)
The GEOEC website has links to curriculum resources and free downloadable unit plans for Grades 1–9.

Green Learning
Canadian website that has environmental education programs designed for a number of grades, levels, and learning styles.

Green Teacher
A magazine by and for educators intended to enhance environmental and global education across the curriculum at all grade levels.

Ontario Eco Schools An environmental education program for grades K-12 that helps school communities develop both ecological literacy and environmental practices to become environmentally responsible citizens and reduce the environmental footprint of schools. 

Sierra Club of Canada: Education program
Website offers downloadable environmental education lesson plans, on subjects such as "a day without energy".

Sustainable Technology Education Project (STEP)
Download PDF files of activities, browse through case studies, and read teacher’s notes, all on the topic of sustainable technology.


Transparency International: Teaching Integrity to Youth Toolkit
Toolkit contains examples from 11 countries of projects that contribute to fostering anti-corruption attitudes and increase accountability.


The Meatrix
This is a short online advocacy film that teaches kids about animal welfare, factory farms, and sustainable agriculture. Which pill will you take?

WITNESS uses video to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuses. Films on topics such as child soldiers can be viewed on their website.


Check Your Head: Glossary of Globalization Terms
This is a free resource for helping students understand complicated globalization terms.

Human rights

Amnesty International Youth Activism

CHF’s Global Education Program
Site offers resources for teaching your students about poor rural communities in developing countries.

UNICEF UK Education
UNICEF UK provides many free resources that have been developed to support many curriculum areas and all age ranges.

Wateraid Learn Zone
Download development issues sheets and play online games to learn more about water’s connection to basic human rights.

Indigenous peoples

Indigenous peoples and globalization
Document available to download titled Indigenous Peoples and Globalization Program examines the multiple impacts of globalization on indigenous communities.

Treaties database
A website that listing Aboriginal treaties in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa.

International relief

UNHCR Educational Resources for Teachers
UNHCR offers a wealth of free educational resources to help teachers, parents and students learn more about refugees.

UNICEF Humanitarian Emergencies Classroom Kit (free)
Students will examine UNICEF concepts of human rights, social justice, and the future in relation to humanitarian emergencies.

WFP: Food Force—"Humanitarian" Video Game
Food Force serves as a teaching tool for teaching about hunger. Receive Email Updates on WFP and global hunger.


Rethinking Schools
An organization dedicated to equity and to the vision of public education as central to a humane, caring, multiracial democracy. Many online resources and publications including books Rethinking Globalization and Rethinking Mathematics, Teaching Justice by the Numbers.

Media Literacy/Journalism

Access to Media Education Society
Access to Media Education Society provides anti-discrimination education resources and creative workshops for teachers and students.

Site dedicated to strengthening and supporting independent and alternative journalism, includes WireTap magazine, an online magazine by and for socially conscious youth.

Association for Media Literacy
The AML is made up of teachers, librarians, consultants, parents, cultural workers, and media professionals concerned about the impact of the mass media in the creation of contemporary culture.

CBC Archives
Search the archives by category, look up "on this day", take a virtual tour. For Teachers section available.

Independent Media Center
Indymedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate global news coverage.

Media Awareness Network
Research articles, lesson plans, tip sheets for parents.

New Internationalist Magazine Online
It reports on issues of world poverty and the unjust relationships in both rich and poor nations. Read it online for free.
This site brings together the latest news from over 1,600 organizations promoting human rights awareness worldwide. OneWorld AIDSRadio—A multimedia portal facilitating exchange of information on HIV/AIDS. 

Pacific Cinematheque
Offers media-education workshops, film-study guides (gender, race, and cultural conflict, advertising and consumer culture), and much more. Links to a site with "how to" information about every phase of production, and it includes downloadable worksheets and video clips.


BCTF resources
Find current resources for teachers on the BCTF site.

KIDPROJ’s Multi-Cultural Calendar
This is a calendar listing festivals and important dates celebrated by different countries across the world.
 Must select month from menu at top of page.

Multicultural Education Classroom Activities
This website has activities to help students gain a better understanding about diversity.

RETANET: Resources for Teaching about the Americas
Site has free downloadable lesson plans written by teachers on topics such as the rain forest and human rights in Latin America.

Save the Children UK: Eye to Eye with Child Labour
A special website developed to deepen pupils understanding of the daily lives of working children.

UNICEF Global Classroom
This website is for kids who want to learn about children around the world.


National Geographic World Music 
This site allows searching by artist, region or genre and has podcasts available.

Peace building and conflict resolution

Cultivating Peace
Website houses background information, teaching ideas, and websites related to peace education.

National Lesson Plans on Afghanistan
Help kids understand Afghanistan and cultural conflict with these free lesson plans.

Peace teaching ideas for teachers.


BCTF poverty resources
Links to a poster, other sites and resources can be found on the BCTF site.


Wateraid Learn Zone
Download development issues sheets and play online games to learn more about water’s connection to basic human rights.

The World Water Forum
An initiative of the World Water Council that has the aim of raising the awareness on water issues all over the world.


ELDIS Gender Resource Guide
This website has links to key gender websites, gender country profiles, and a gender newsfeed. Subscribe to the free ELDIS Gender Reporter.

Land ownership
The most indicative expression of power relations is the key to women's empowerment in India. Learn more about implementing women's rights to land, livelihood and housing through partnership approaches, and the international network the Consult for Women and Land Rights.

MATCH International
This is a Canadian women’s international organization guided by a feminist vision of sustainable development.

Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights
Network of groups and individuals in every continent who aim to achieve and support sexual and reproductive rights for women. Annual "call to action" raises awareness and promotes solidarity.

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