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Internal Mediation Service and Code of Ethics/Judicial Council  

Teaching is a multi-faceted profession, and one that is embedded in a variety of different professional relationships. Those relationships are usually positive, and conflict is minimal.  However, members may face challenges, especially when dealing with difficult situations and people. 

Depending on the nature of the dispute, and the issues involved, at some point you may decide to ask for the assistance of the BCTF Internal Mediation Service (IMS).  Alternately, you may choose to file a formal Code of Ethics complaint with the BCTF Judicial Council (JC). 

The Internal Mediation Service and the Judicial Council complaint process are two separate and distinct options available to all BCTF members. Both have the goal of assisting members in resolving conflict and building and sustaining collegial and collaborative relationships.     

Internal Mediation or Code of Ethics Complaint—which process should you choose? Points to consider. 

  • Issues between members are often very complex, involving multiple issues, and usually emotionally charged.  Sometimes deciding how to proceed can be confusing.
  • What you hope to achieve may determine which process you choose.  
    • If you hope to resolve the issues with your colleague(s) and repair professional working relationships, mediation may be the better first option.  Mediation often provides a more satisfying and sustainable resolution than other more formal alternatives.  
    • If you believe that a colleague has breached the Code of Ethics and the complaint is best dealt with through a more formal process, directing that complaint to the Judicial Council might be your best option.     

For further information, please see the Members’ Guide to the BCTF or contact Sherry Payne at 604-871-1803 or toll free at 1-800-663-9163 (local 1803),

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