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Advanced Advocacy for Staff Reps

(3–5 hours)

This workshop is a follow-up to Advocacy for Staff Reps. It focuses on the needs of the local and clauses from the collective agreement which are of concern to the local. The clauses address issues that a staff rep may have to deal with at the school level in an informal meeting with administration or a step one grievance meeting. Four scenarios are examined. One scenario reflects a clear case of a contract violation. Another demonstrates clause language which has some ambiguity about whether the union is in the right or the employer’s view is correct. A third scenario references clear language in the collective agreement but not the practice of the district or the district is attempting to change the practice. The fourth scenario isn’t about collective agreement language but the issue is huge for teachers in the school. The staff wants the staff rep to talk to administration about the problem.

All of the scenarios are dealt with through role plays. For those staff reps who would prefer not to role play, there are opportunities to act and observers and provide analysis of what they have seen and heard.

The skills, knowledge and attitudes that staff reps need in order to be successful in advocating for their colleagues are addressed in each role play. 

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