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E-Résumé Guidelines for New Teachers

Many employers receive candidate résumés electronically, and it is acceptable to attach your résumé to an email message. If possible, a PDF version of the résumé is the preferred format.

Test drive your résumé. Send it to yourself and a friend. Proofread it again and make any corrections that are required. Make sure it looks good on the screen and that it prints correctly.

Preparing a cover letter for your e-résumé

The personnel officer who will read your résumé wants you to introduce yourself and needs to know what position you are applying for and why you want the position. A good cover letter gives the employer this basic information and provides a context for your résumé.

  • Read the job posting carefully. Knowing what is involved will enable you to explain clearly why you can do the job and why you want it.
  • A one- or two-paragraph cover letter is appropriate for an e-résumé.
  • Include the job reference number if there is one.
  • Make sure your email address and telephone number are clearly visible in your cover letter.

Submitting your e-résumé and cover letter

You’ve test driven the document, and you’ve drafted your cover letter. It is now time to send it to the prospective employer. Re-read all of your documents one more time to make sure everything is correct. Ensure your email subject line includes the job reference number if there is one.

Respecting e-résumé etiquette

  • Do not use your employer’s email system for your job search.
  • Use your personal/home email account.
  • Use a business-like email address such as yourname@gmail.com or scienceteacher@yahoo.com. Avoid addresses such as coolguy@aol.com.  
  • Email is not confidential. If you are worried about including your name, address and phone number on your e-résumé, write "Confidential Résumé" instead and list a personal email address where you can be reached.
  • Send individual, targeted messages to each prospective employer. Avoid mass mailings.
  • Make sure your subject line makes a good first impression. Some employers request that a specific job code or number be included in the subject line. Respect the employer’s request.
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