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New Teacher's Conference 2019 - Two events this year!

-- Gaining ground : New teachers together, leading the way --

April 5th 2019 - Vernon 

Vernon Lodge

April 4th 2019 - Welcoming & Networking cocktail


May 10th 2019 - Nanaimo

Vancouver Island Conference Centre

May 9th 2019 - Welcoming & Networking cocktail

Stay tuned, more information coming soon!

BCTF Handbook for new teachers and TTOC: The practice of teaching

This handbook contains information on the history of the Federation and on a variety of practical topics, such as classroom management, reporting requirements, working with parents, and sources of help for new teachers and TTOCs.. 

Who are our new teachers?

A new teacher may be a teacher new to the profession, a beginning teacher and/or a teacher teaching on call (in the first 5 years of their career), a teacher new to a classroom assignment or having a significant change of assignment, a teacher new to teaching in BC, or a teacher returning to the profession.

Some members choose a career as a teacher teaching on call (TTOC). The Teachers Teaching on Call page provides additional information for career and transitional TTOCs.

Need information?  

Employment insurance

Seniority for all

Seniority for both contract teachers and TTOCs is the theme of our Seniority for all pamphlet. Contract teachers want post and fill that is based on seniority and TTOCs want seniority for call-out and to use their TTOC seniority in a meaningful way: that is to use their seniority to get a contract position.


BCTF Handbook for new teachers and TTOCs: The practice of teaching 
This handbook contains information on the history of the Federation and on a variety of practical topics, such as classroom management, reporting requirements, working with parents, and sources of help for new teachers and TTOCs.

L’exercice de l’enseignement - Manuel pour le nouveau personnel enseignant et les enseignant(e)s suppléant(e)s 
Ce manuel contient des informations sur l'histoire de la Fédération et sur une variété de sujets pratiques, tels que la gestion de classe, l’évaluation, le travail avec les parents, et les sources d'aide pour les nouveaux enseignants et suppléants.

Roles and responsibilities of teachers and teacher assistants/education assistants: a BCTF/CUPE B.C. joint paper
Endorsed by both union executives in April 2001, the paper elaborates on the roles and responsibilities of teachers and teacher assistants/education assistants who work closely with students with special needs.

Rôles et responsabilités des enseignants(e) et des aides-enseignant(e)s  
Approuvé par les deux dirigeants syndicaux en avril 2001, le document définit les rôles et les responsabilités des enseignant(e)s et aides-enseignant(e)s/aides-éducateurs/éducatrices qui travaillent en étroite collaboration avec les élèves ayant des besoins particuliers. 

Members’ Guide to the BCTF
The members’ guide contains information on BCTF priorities, services, and organization, the constitution and by-laws, a compilation of BCTF policies and procedures, and information about the Federation, covering such topics as the teachers’ pension plan and BCTF history. 

The Power of Leadership describes the role of the TTOC contact in locals. 

BCTF Services Handbook  
The BCTF offers a wide range of workshops, programs, and services for members. The BCTF Member Services page provides members with information about the opportunities to enhance professional practice, develop leadership skills, learn together with colleagues, and advocate for students. 

Health and safety

E-mail list

The BCTF public mailing list page has many e-mail lists that you can join. Join as many as you like. The e-mail list, bctf-beginteach, is a public list for new and experienced teachers.  

Provincial Specialist Associations (PSAs)

The BCTF encourages and supports 32 PSAs. As an integral part of the Federation, all BCTF members are encouraged to become members of one or more PSAs to share expertise and to gain information and experience.  

Each year, the BCTF provides a complimentary PSA membership to each new member at the induction ceremony in the member’s local.  

Each PSA is unique—its strength determined by its members and its executive. PSAs promote communication among members through journals, newsletters, conferences, workshops, websites, e-mail lists, and other activities.  

PSAs offer many conferences and workshops that are useful for new teachers. For information, go to the PSAs Online page to access PSA websites and online information.

Other resources

Teaching in British Columbia

See our Teaching in BC page for information on certification and salaries and job search resources.

Teaching resources

  • BCTF Teaching Resources page 
  • Bohstedt, Brett. (2014). A Survival Guide for New Teachers. Education Week, published August 5, 2014.
  • Learning resources from Statistics Canada  
  • TeachBC, our website and online database for BCTF members to share teaching resources relevant to the BC K-12 curriculum. Teachers are encouraged to help us build this resource by uploading your teaching materials, lessons, and research.
  • Teaching to Diversity
    This subsite of the BCTF website is a joint project of BCTF Research, Special Education Association, Learning Assistance Teachers' Association, and English as a Second Language Provincial Specialist Association It is designed to support educators of school aged students of all abilities with information, strategies and resources related to special education, learning assistance and ESL.
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