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BCTF statement of professional rights and autonomy 

(November 2007) 

That the Executive Committee recommend to the AGM that 31.A.02.5 be replaced with the following statement of professional rights and autonomy. 

Teachers have the professional right and autonomy:

  1. to establish the teaching and learning environment including setting standards of behaviour and using classroom management strategies that best suit the needs of students and teachers
  2. to use discretion in carrying out their professional responsibilities and primary control in diagnosing learner needs, planning and delivering curriculum, and determining appropriate methods of instruction to meet those needs
  3. to use primary control over assessment and over the interpretation and communication of evaluation data in regard to students
  4. to use significant influence over curriculum development, learning resource evaluation and selection, policy formulation, and other decision-making through the school staff at the school level, through locals at the district level, and through the BC Teachers' Federation at the provincial level
  5. to a working environment, that supports the judgments and choices that teachers make in order to carry out their professional responsibilities, and is free from administrative procedures or supervision practices that limit or undermine their professional autonomy
  6. to significant opportunities and resources to organize and engage in professional development activities, which address their self-determined professional needs and interests
  7. to advocate for the rights of children and adult students
  8. to have unrestricted participation in union activities.


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