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Teacher and Student Projects 

The BCTF has a decades-long tradition of international solidarity, particularly linked with teacher unions. Resources for teachers related to peace reach back to the 1930s. This section provides more-current activities and opportunities to get involved. 

Kitsilano school helps build school in Namibia 

BC teachers and students—Making a difference globally 
Find examples here of the broad range of activities in BC classrooms that promote global understanding and citizenship. Included are teaching resources, pedagogical suggestions, and posters, as well as an invitation to tell others about your globally-related projects.

Classroom teaching resources for global education 
Looking for ideas, teaching units, and lesson outlines? This is the place! Subject areas from Social Studies to Home Economics, and levels from primary to secondary, are included, plus links to places students can get involved.

Pedagogical approaches to teaching global education 

Philosophical and practical approaches to methods related to global education.

Peace and Global Education Action Group and PSA
The BCTF’s Peace and Global Education (PAGE) Action Group has been created to help support teachers, with a goal to improve access to resources and applications for the integration of global education into all curricula. Each year an action plan is developed to address various global priorities. Check out the links to find information and resources. 

The BC Teachers for Peace and Global Education Provincial Specialist Association (PSA) is a membership organization that holds conferences, organizes workshops, and publishes a journal. PSAs are channels for members to exchange ideas on research, teaching strategies, curriculum development, and other shared interests.


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