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Gender equity  

Achieving gender equity has been an important part of the values of the BCTF, particularly since the 1970s and the creation of a Status of Women program. The focus has been on encouraging women to be participants in the BCTF and its leadership, and providing skills to support effective participation.

In concert with this focus, many of the projects of the International Solidarity Program have been in support of gender equity. Latin America has strong machismo traditions that have been challenged as women have become active leaders in teacher unions.

Women make up the majority of members in teacher unions globally, yet historically the leadership in unions has been male. Gender equity is a positive goal for social equity. It is also an important strategy for stronger and more effective unions. A union without the full participation of all its members will be weaker and less able to support the goals of public education and a democratic society. 

Central American teachers tackle "machismo" (May/ June, 2013)

Non-sexist pedagogy 

Some of the women who participated in the training workshops have taken the work on gender equity to a new level. More...

Women’s secretariats and training workshops 

Many of the initial projects of the BCTF International Solidarity Program had a focus on gender equity in Latin America. More...

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