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Health & Safety Contacts

BCTF Provincial Health and Safety Advisory Committee

This committee has nine members selected from across British Columbia. The committee advises the BCTF Executive Committee on health and safety matters, acts in an advisory capacity to improve health and safety in schools and other work sites, and assists in developing and providing health and safety training.

2018–19 Committee members 

Stéphane Bélanger
Don Blakey
Wayne Della Siega
Anna Donaldson
Fred Nock
Yole Prosperi-Porta
Eli Silver
Heather Sallows
Vicki Willis

BCTF Health and Safety program staff

Toni Grewal co-ordinates the BCTF Health and Safety program. She assists locals in addressing their health and safety issues, and is responsible for co-ordinating training to locals and members.

Staff serve as an advocate for members who have filed for WCB compensation, including co-ordinating and conducting member appeals of WCB decisions, and advising locals and members concerning WCB claims. Members who require assistance with the WCB appeals process, please contact the WCB Advocate

Health and Safety contacts in each local

BCTF locals have appointed health and safety contacts who work in the area of health and safety at the local level. Members may contact their local office for further information.

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