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I don't know if this is the appropriate place to share my words.  I hope you receive this Jim with the many emails I am sure you are receiving. 

As you, Jim Iker, are in talks with Vince Ready, I wanted to say thank-you for saying NO to:

- a cooling off period - what does Ready think the summer was when the government took no interest in trying to get a deal?

- letting the Supreme Court ruling go for now so that we can get back to school - Really!  Thank-you Iker for not agreeing to this!!!  What a joke.  We have had two Supreme Court rulings in our favour.  Why would we ignore these rulings to go back to school to the problems we have been fighting to change?  How about this Ready - get the government to agree to the Supreme Court's ruling for now and if and when the Supreme Court changes their ruling with the appeal the government has put forth then take the class size/composition language out then.  That makes more sense to me.  To ask BCTF to go against the Supreme Court ruling as well is just ridiculous!  Is Ready really mediating or working for the government?

- I have to say that we as teachers need time to prepare for school.  What happens in our class does not happen magically.  Many teachers, including myself are moving classes, grades, schools, districts and yet we have not been able to move our belongings, set-up our classes etc.... So, this idea of still starting school on Tuesday I think is ludicrous.  As much as we would all like to get back to work and have the children start school, we need time to prepare and set-up for the year.  This needs to be a part of any agreement.  I think at earliest we could start school the following Monday, September 8th. Asking us to do otherwise I think only sets us all up for a bad start to the year.

- I also believe a signing bonus is an absolute must!  We teachers once again have lost 1000's of dollars in wages and we have lost pension etc... We deserve at least a signing bonus.

- Keep up the good fight Iker - we have given enough!  We have negotiated in good faith.  We have compromised.  The government needs to give for once!! We will hold the line for as long as it takes!  We cannot fold now! 


Cathy Harris,


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