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UNESCO Associated Schools (ASPnet)

ASPnet is a network of over 11,500 member schools in 182 countries that work towards the common goal of building the defences of peace in the minds of children and young people by working in support of international understanding, peace, intercultural dialogue, sustainable development, and quality education in practice. Member school benefits include participation in a variety of theme-based projects at the national and international level; access to resources and professional and development opportunities; networking with member schools at the provincial, national, and global level; and participation in national conferences.

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There are two membership levels for Canadian schools.

Level 1: Candidate schools

Please contact Barb Ryeburn, BCTF Social Justice Administrative Staff at bryeburn@bctf.ca for more information and to submit your application form.

Level 2: Member schools

Successful candidate schools can request a membership form by contacting Barb Ryeburn at bryeburn@bctf.ca.
Guide for National Co-ordinators


Candidate and member schools are asked to submit report forms to the provincial co-ordinator at the end of each school year.

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