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What’s coming with the new 

2021–2022 will be our first full school year with the new website. We are building a new as a digital service that supports, engages, and informs members, parents, and the public. We are making many improvements which means that new will look a lot different than it has in the past.

Below are some mockups of things we can look forward to. Photos and text in the mockups are just for illustration—the final website content, including the navigation, may differ.

Advanced search and filtering

advanced search

We have overhauled the website content so that it is easier to find information using the search engine. We’ve introduced features like predictive search as well as the ability to filter search results.

Visual and story-based content


We’ve changed major sections of the website to allow for more images and more story telling.

Simplified structure with more up-to-date content


We are making it easier to see what is happening at the BCTF since you last visited. The "What’s Happening" section shows you everything that is new without having to check each section of the website to find new content.

Easier login - without memorizing any numbers


We’ve overhauled the process to login to the website. In the future you will be able to login to the website using your personal email address or Member ID. Whichever is easier for you. 

Advanced features for Local Presidents

news and stories

We’ve built new features that allow you to do things like perform an advanced search of Representative Assembly minutes between 2019–2020. We’ve also set up the content so that you can choose to see everything chronologically so you can see the most recent advice for local presidents—or you can click to see everything published everywhere on the website on a particular topic. 

More teaching resources


We’ve built free teaching resources into the website and redesigned TeachBC so it is easier to see everything that is available to you as a BCTF member.

Centralized directory of services and forms

centralized forms

We’ve created a centralized directory of everything you can do with the BCTF. In addition to putting forms in one place, every form has instructions on who can use it, how to use it and who to send it to.

Social sharing that works


We've made it easy to share your favourite stories and resources on Facebook and Twitter. 

One single website with one single navigation


We’ve built a single website navigation and search engine that has all content published by the BCTF, including password protected content. You no longer need to remember if you came across something on the portal or the main website.

All event information—all in one place


We’ve built a custom event tool that allows you to see featured BCTF events as well as professional development events you might be interested in. All information about an event including the agenda, registration and event documents are in one place, so you don’t have to look around the website or your email to find event details.

********************************************************** is changing

We've collected thousands of surveys to hear from you about your experience with the website, and you’ve told us that needs significant change.

Specifically, you’ve told us:

  • the organization of the website makes it difficult to find information or use search.
  • the website can be complex and overwhelming.
  • PDF files and documents are difficult to read on mobile devices and hard to locate using search.
  • the visual design is out of date and lacks consistency. 
  • links on the website are broken and content is out of date or not maintained.

How is changing

We are building a new as a digital service that supports, engages, and informs members, parents, and the public.

Instead of redesigning this website which was originally created in 2006, are creating a new website built around meeting the needs of members. This will include content currently on TeachBC, the Member Portal, and 

We will be making many improvements to including:

  • improving findability so that the search engine works better.
  • improving accessibility and meeting accessibility standards so that everyone can use
  • improving discoverability by making the website simple and intuitive so that you can access information.
  • improving usability by organizing content around the needs of members rather than the structure of the organization.

These changes are significant which means the new will look a lot different than it has in the past.

What happens if we don’t make these changes?

Some of us have grown accustomed to how the website works, despite all its quirks. But unless we change the structure and content of, our site will continue to have the same problems.

  • Currently, only 14% of members describe the website as easy to use and navigate.
  • While the website and member portal receive over 1.5 million hits a year, two-thirds of content on is viewed by less than 100 people.
  • 21% of members say it is challenging to complete tasks on the website and 41% of members say they are unable to complete the task they came to the website to complete.

What’s happening next

Over the next few months, we will provide updates in this space on the progress of the new website. We will share with you what is changing and how these changes will make the website better. 

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