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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 20, Number 3, November/December 2007

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The BCTF puts out a number of regular publications—from Teacher newsagazine to BCTF News and Issue Alerts. While Teacher goes to every member, most of the others have a limited distribution list.

E-News is different. While it also goes to several lists—presidents, vice-presidents, local reps—individual teachers can also sign up to receive it by e-mail.

E-News comes out about twice a month and has a mix of stories from local to international and covering educational issues as well as more general topics we think might inform teachers. For example, the November issue had stories on big box daycare coming to BC, new WCB regulations making late-night workers the safest in North America, and a story about the Union of BC Municipalities pressuring the government on school closures.

To view the latest E-news go to: bctf.ca/publications/BCTFEnews.aspx

To get E-News sent to you, go to the BCTF web site at: bctf.ca/cgi-bin/mailinglistssub.pl

Choose ‘enews’ from the list provided and type in your e-mail address.

Attention bloggers...

The BCTF recently launched a blog where teachers can comment and debate education issues. The first discussion was kicked off by a post from the Testing Workgroup called "Testing, testing, testing..." The discussion is moderated. To join in the debates, go to: bctf.ca/blogs/testing.aspx.

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