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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 20, Number 1, September 2007

College elections

Are you interested in becoming a BCTF-endorsed candidate for the college council?

The next round of elections for the BC College of Teachers’ Council under the new provisions of the Teaching Profession Act will take place in April/May 2008.

The BC College of Teachers is the regulatory body of the teaching profession in BC. The college has a focused mandate: teacher education, teacher certification, and member discipline.

Responsibility for governing the college rests with the 20-person council. Twelve of 20 council members are elected by the membership. Eight council members are appointed by the minister of education.

The role of a council member is to make policy decisions, to make quasi-judicial decisions concerning individuals and institutions, to represent the college on various external committees, and to communicate with members. Further information about the college can be found at www.bcct.ca.

Elections are held in 4 of the 12 geographic zones each year. This year, elections will be held in the following college election zones, Zone 1–North Coast, Zone 3–South Central, Zone 8–Lower Mainland East, and Zone 10–Lower Mainland West. The term of office is a three-year term, beginning August 1 and ending on July 31.

The BCTF has established a policy that provides for the zonal selection of a BCTF-endorsed candidate in each zone where an election is being held. Only active BCTF members are eligible for BCTF endorsation as candidates in BC College of Teachers’ elections.

Each local has the right to select one nominee. This nominee must be endorsed by an executive, delegate assembly, or general meeting of the local. Each local nominee must undertake to abide by the endorsation process. Once a local has nominated a candidate, the name of the candidate will be forwarded to the BCTF staff co-ordinator. The co-ordinator is responsible for ensuring that each local in the zone conducts a vote to determine the zone’s BCTF-endorsed candidate by secret ballot in accordance with BCTF procedures.

The BCTF will publicize, among members, the names of all BCTF-endorsed candidates. The BCTF provides funding to assist local nominees in seeking to become the BCTF-endorsed candidate in a college zone. The BCTF also provides funding to assist endorsed candidates in the college elections.

If you are interested in being considered as your local nominee for the BCTF-endorsed candidate in one of the college zones where an election is being held, please contact your local president as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about BCTF procedures for endorsing candidates, contact Mike Lombardi, BCTF staff (phone: 604-871-1849, toll free-1-800-663-9163 local 1849, mlombardi@bctf.ca).

– Mike Lombardi

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