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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 20, Number 1, September 2007

BCTF Advantage October launch

By Laurence Greeff

On October 13, 2007, the BCTF launches an exciting and new program across the province. Members can look forward to our new member-benefits program called BCTF Advantage.

Many other organizations like ours have instituted this kind of program for their members. The Ontario teachers have a program called Edvantage, the National Union of Teachers in Britain have their Countdown program, and the American Federation of Teachers have their ATF Plus program. The group buying power of the BCTF allows teachers in great numbers to access savings. The Advantage program is voluntary of course, and is being made available to those who are interested. This notion is not new and has its roots in the co-operatives that were established early in our political history to strengthen support to people.

Over the past 12 months, the affinity subcommittee has been working to put all the components together for a custom affinity program to benefit our members. The first phase of the program will roll out this fall. We have been working with BCAA Group Services to bring this program together. This has been a great partnership and will serve us well over the next few years.

The BCTF Advantage Program will have offers in the areas of:

  • Insurance (home, auto, life, pet, and travel)
  • BCAA membership
  • Exciting vacation travel for long and short holidays
  • Retail discounts on everything from cell phones to vision care through our BCAA partner program.

The subcommittee has been working under the mandate of the Executive Committee to ensure the components of the plan meet BCTF’s standards for quality, social and ethical filters, and above all, serves the membership in a new way by offering benefits. We are also focussed on building a cost neutral program that is responsive to member needs.

October 13, 2007, is the "Go Live" target and BCTF members will be able to access the Advantage program. All the details will be available online through the BCTF web site. Registration will be free and handled through our administrator and program carrier, BCAA Group Services.

Members have said they can hardly wait to check out the various offerings. Phase 1 will contain an initial suite of products, and, with member feedback, the committee will build more offers and components for the BCTF Advantage Program. The next phases will include a strong retail and financial services component that reflects our values.

Come down to the BCTF Building at 6th and Ash on October 13 and be a part of the BCTF Advantage Program launch. Bring your family and encourage your colleagues to drop by the building. It will be a positive membership-driven family affair to launch this fabulous program for teachers.

Watch bctf.ca for more information.

Laurence Greeff is chair of the BCTF Finance Committee and a member of the BCTF Affinity SubCommittee.

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