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Antiracism Teacher Resources

(This section includes classroom strategies, handbooks, reference material, and background information.)

Suggested readings

  • Hier, S.P., & Bolaria, B.S. (Eds.). (2007).  Race and racism in the 21st Century Canada: Continuity, complexity, and change. Peterborough, ON: Broadway Press.
  • Moodley, K. (2000). Understanding the functions and forms of racism: Toward the development of promising practices. Education Canada, 40(1), 44-47.
  • Nieto, Sonia. (2008). Affirming diversity: The sociopolitical context of multicultural education. New York: Allyn & Bacon Publishers.
  • St. Denis, V. (2011). Silencing Aboriginal curricular content and perspectives through multiculturalism: “There are other children here.” Review of Education, Pedagogy and Cultural Studies, 33(4), 306-317.
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