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Salary Indemnity Plan—Definition of Disability

Short-term plan  

Regulation 9.1 states:  

The member must be disabled, by illness or injury, from performing their normal employment duties.   

To meet this definition, your doctor will be required to detail your illness or injury, to indicate the extent of your disability, and to indicate when you may be able to return to your employment duties.   

A member, in receipt of benefits, may be required to provide, at periodic intervals, medical evidence of continuing disability.   

In addition, the Federation may require an independent medical examination (IME) at the Federation’s expense.   

A member, in receipt of benefits for more than three (3) months, will be required to provide supporting medical evidence, indicating that the member is receiving ongoing care and treatment. Treatment must be provided by a licensed physician/specialist for that disability, or a registered psychologist as directed by a licensed physician, except where the Plan Administrator is aware that the disability is terminal.   

Long-term plan

Regulation 17:

17.1     To qualify for benefits under this section of the plan a claimant must:

(a)   continually for a period of up to 12 months commencing at the expiration of the qualifying period, be suffering from a disability that prevents the claimant from performing their normal employment duties;
(b)   subsequently, be suffering from a disability that prevents the claimant from performing the duties of any gainful employment.  

Adjudication of your doctor’s medical report is conducted by the Canada Life Assurance Company for the Federation. An IME may also be requested by the Federation at the Federation’s expense.   

To receive benefits, the member must remain under the continuous care and attendance of a qualified physician of medicine who specializes in the member’s disability.

Revised July 2020

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