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Starling Minds

Starling Minds

Starling is an online program that provides education and a mental health toolkit to manage stress and prevent depression & anxiety.

Mental health problems are not uncommon as one in five people are affected. That’s 8200 BCTF Members, 124056 BC Students and 922000 British Columbians. Mental illness directly or indirectly affects all Canadians at some point through a family member, friend, or colleague.  

The Starling program is free for all BCTF members and is based on the protocol Dr. Andrew Miki developed specifically for teachers. As a part of Starling, Dr. Miki will guide you through the program, and teach you the basics of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).  

It consists of  10 modules that includes education about mental functioning and teaches how you can learn to manage stress, anxiety and depression. Our case study Virginia is a Canadian teacher, who has a lot on her plate. The character has been created together with BCTF members to make it easier to identify some of the very common stress points that teachers might face in their lives. Our unique assessment will give you a baseline of your current mental health and will track your progress over time. Using Starlings’ tools will help you become more aware of your patterns that lead to distress and put you in control.  

Since education is key to reducing all forms of stigma, Starling’s vision is to start a grassroots movement with BC teachers. If our educators can better understand and manage their own stress, they can transform the way we all look at mental health.

Kate is a BC teacher who has been a Starling member since 2014. Watch Kate’s story of how Starling helped in her professional and personal life!

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