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Salary Indemnity Plan (SIP) General – Frequently Asked Questions

The Salary Indemnity Plan is not insured by an insurance company regulated under the Financial Institutions Act. The BCTF is exempt from the regulatory requirements of the Financial Institutions Act. 

Included for your information are some basic responses to frequently asked questions regarding the Salary Indemnity Plan. If your question is not answered, please contact our office at 604-871-1921. 

Who is eligible to receive SIP benefits?
The following people participate in the plan:

  • All active members of the Federation employed by a school board or a local association on a regular full-time or regular part-time assignment;
  • All employees of the Federation except those specifically exempted from participation in the plan by the Federation; and
  • All affiliate administrative members not participating in a wage loss replacement plan may participate in the plan, providing they do so within 30 days of appointment as an administrative officer.

Are TTOCs allowed to participate?
No, TTOCs are not permitted to participate in the Plan. The provincial collective agreement between the Federation and BCPSEA prohibits TTOC participation.

How much do Plan members pay in SIP dues?
Plan members pay a fee of 1.67% of their salary for the 2017-18 fiscal year (July 1-June 30). 0.46% of salary is allocated to the short-term plan while 1.21% of salary is allocated to the long-term plan.

While on SIP are my union dues paid?
Fees like BCTF, local dues and SIP are all waived while in receipt of both short and long-term benefits. However, those fees will be deducted for any portion the member is working accommodation employment.  (Regulation 7.3—locals and the BCTF also waive their fees)

Are SIP benefits taxable? How do I get my T4? 
SIP benefits are not taxable because it is a self-insured plan. You have already paid income tax on the monthly fee deducted from your salary, therefore the benefits cannot be taxed. You will not receive a T4. 

While on SIP, will my Teachers’ Pension be paid? 
Members on SIP receive full pensionable credit for the portion of time for which they receive benefits. 

Will SIP pay my benefits (medical/extended health/dental/life insurance)? 
Unfortunately, SIP does not cover those benefits. A member applying for SIP is encouraged to consult with their school district or local union office to inquire about maintaining benefits. In some cases, the school district will continue to cost-share the benefit premiums for a period of time. 

Does SIP pay Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) premiums? 
SIP does not pay CPP and EI premiums. A member, in receipt of disability benefits, is not employed by the SIP. Therefore, CPP contributory time is not credited and disability benefits are not considered insurable earnings under the EI mandate. 

Are my medical bills paid by SIP? 
No, SIP Regulation 3.8 says: “Expenses incurred by the member in obtaining medical certificates or other requested information under this regulation shall be borne by the member….” The only exception is when a member is required to submit to an independent medical examination (IME) by medical professionals selected by the plan administrator
(Regulation 3.4).

When would benefits not be paid?
Benefits may not be paid if you:

  • Are not receiving appropriate treatment as recommended by your treating physician
  • Have not provided the required medical information
  • Have not filed a WCB claim where your illness/injury is the result of a work-related injury
  • Do not submit to an independent medical examination by a physician when required to do so by the SIP Administrator
  • Are not participating in a substance withdrawal program recognized by an addiction medicine specialist where your illness is caused by drug or alcohol abuse
  • Serve a prison sentence or are confined in a similar institution
  • Complete any work for wage or profit except as approved by us
  • Commit fraud or misrepresentation

What are my responsibilities while I receive disability benefits?

While you are on claim, you are expected to participate in appropriate treatment as recommended by your treating physician. You are also expected to submit to an independent medical examination by a licensed physician when required by the plan administrator. You are also required to provide, at periodic intervals, medical evidence of continuing disability.  

Does the BCTF share medical information with my employer?
No. All medication, diagnosis and treatment information obtained by SIP concerning your health is strictly confidential and not shared with anyone at your employer unless specifically authorized by you.  

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