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BC teachers are committed to the inclusion of all students. Every child deserves a quality education in a fully funded, universal public education system.  However, ongoing system underfunding means that many students do not have access to a full range of educational services in their community, and that teachers do not have the supports to meet the needs of all their students. BCTF research is conducting a three-year (2018–2021) study on the state of inclusive education in BC.

Featured BCTF research

The landscape of inclusion: How teachers in British Columbia navigate inclusive education policy and practice (Jan 2020)

Inclusive education and special needs in British Columbia (Mar 2019)

BCs Inclusive Education Funding Gap (Oct 2018)

Recruitment and retention of teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing in BC public schools (May 2018)

Summary of BC Ministry of Education Annual Class Size and Composition Data 2006-2018 (Apr 2018)

Inclusion in British Columbia’s public schools: Always a journey, never a destination? (Nov 2005)  

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