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Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting

BC is in an intensified period of curriculum change that is taking part on an unprecedented scale. Throughout this process, the BCTF has actively gathered feedback related to the redesigned curriculum. While teachers have diverse perspectives and experiences, there are shared concerns.  What conversations about curriculum change are happening across the province? BCTF research is currently conducting a five-year (2017–2022) research project on curriculum change.

Featured BCTF research

The politics of curriculum making: Understanding the possibilities for and limitations to a “teacher-led” curriculum in British Columbia (Aug 2018)

2017 BCTF Curriculum Change and Implementation Survey (Dec 2017)

BC's "New" Curriculum (Sept 2017)

Why do we educate? Are the proposed BC K-12 education directions appropriate for future economies, and for the needs of a diverse and and democratic society? (Oct 2014) 

Teaching in the '90s, Report #1: Changing Teaching Practice: Teachers' Aspirations Meet School Realities (Dec 1993)

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