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The results of a province-wide teacher survey released today adds to voices of parents, school administrators, and teachers saying that students should only return when BC schools are ready.

 In June, only 54% of teachers reported proper health and safety measures were in place at their school, and only 51% of teachers reported feeling safe.

 The survey, completed in June by nearly one-third of the province’s teachers, shows that there are many challenges and problems to solve before all students return to the classroom.

 “This return to school process has been openly described as flying by the seat of our pants by administration,” reads one teacher’s submission describing their concerns about a rushed reopening.

“The government’s preliminary reopening plan needs some adjustments to make it successful,” said BC Teachers’ Federation President Teri Mooring. “Teachers are ready to do the work to help find solutions that get students back to school safely, but what school administrators and teachers are saying, and what the survey results indicate, is that we need to do that work before students return.”

 Notable findings

·         54% of teachers felt safe at school last June.

·         51% said there were proper health and safety measures in place.

·         82% said they feel supported by their colleagues. 

·         81% said they are worried about their students.

Methodology notes

·         Approximately one-third of all teachers in British Columbia completed the survey.

·         Teachers from all grades and school districts completed the survey.

·         The survey was open for responses from June 8 to 26, 2020.

·         The survey was accessible via a link emailed to active BCTF members, including teachers teaching on call.

·         There were 16,416 individual responses, of which 13,923 were completed for an 84.8% completion rate.

·         The survey was divided into three sections, on well-being, workload, and technology.

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