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During his opening remarks to the BCTF's 101st Annual General Meeting, BCTF President Glen Hansman previewed the Federation's latest television ad that will hit airwaves on Monday. The ad is the first part of the BCTF's campaign leading up to the provincial election and the period when school district budgets will be set for the coming school year. It can be viewed on Facebook and YouTube

“On May 9, we're asking British Columbians, especially teachers and parents, to vote for candidates who can be trusted to put BC kids and their education first,” said Hansman. “For 15 years, our schools and our students have been short-changed by government underfunding. An entire generation of BC kids lost out because of Christy Clark's unconstitutional legislation that stripped teachers' working conditions from our collective agreements.”

Premier Clark's government fought teachers every step of the way. The Clark government showed time and time again that they couldn't be trusted to put kids and their education first. It wasn't until teachers won at the Supreme Court of Canada, and the government had nowhere else to go, that they backed off their attack on teachers' rights and students' learning conditions.” 

The BCTF's campaign launch also puts pressure on the BC Liberal government to follow through on its commitment to fully fund the costs of restoring teachers' working conditions.

“After 15 years of waiting, BC students and teachers are finally on the verge of getting the smaller classes, better class composition, and more specialist teachers they need,” said Hansman. “Teachers and parents must continue working together to make sure it happens.” 

“The BC government promised it would cover the full costs of our court win and subsequent agreement on restoration from its $400 million contingency fund. School districts need certainty that funding is actually coming. Parents and teachers must keep the pressure up to ensure this government, after 15 years of cuts and broken promises, finally funds BC public schools properly.” 

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For more information, contact Rich Overgaard, BCTF media relations officer, at 604-871-1881 (office) or 604-340-1959 (cell).

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