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BCTF Policy Statement on Inclusion 

9.W.01—That the BCTF confirm its commitment to inclusion of all students in a fully funded universal public education system, and express the following principles with regard to the inclusion of students with special needs:

  1. Every student can learn, and every student is entitled to an appropriate education and full range of education services in their community.
  2. The Ministry of Education must provide appropriate funding to school districts to ensure proper supports are in place for all students with special needs and their teachers.
  3. Some students require differentiated or adapted programs, placements, and/or supports; full-time placement in a regular classroom may not best meet the needs of some students.
  4. Special education services must be made available regardless of the age of the student, including children, youth, and adult learners.
  5. Assessment by the appropriate professional of a student’s special needs must be made available in a timely manner by school districts, and be done at the earliest age possible.
  6. Appropriate supports (including release time and in-service) must be made available for the teachers involved.
  7. Appropriate facilities, equipment, and assisting personnel must be provided by the school district.
  8. Appropriate levels of assisting personnel must be provided for feeding, toileting, changing clothes, and supervising students with special needs, where applicable.
  9. In-service related to inclusion of students with special needs should be accessible to all teachers in all school districts, including TTOCs.
  10. Learning specialist teachers, not the classroom teacher, will be responsible for developing individualized education programs for students.
  11. The school district must ensure that appropriate numbers of learning specialist teachers are available in each school.
  12. The school’s administrative officer must establish and clearly communicate to all school personnel emergency response procedures that specifically address the safety of students with special needs.
  13. The Ministry of Education, in consultation with the education partners, must regularly review Ministry policies and procedures regarding the inclusion of students with special needs in regular classrooms in order to provide greater support for these students and their teachers.
  14. Special education services must not be treated like dispensable luxuries by school districts facing financial pressures or staffing shortages.


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