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Gender-based Violence Lesson Plans

Respectful Futures: Shaping healthy Relationships teaching materials
Includes PowerPoints and facilitation guides for six modules to teach youth about healthy relationships.

Media Smarts
This site provides resources and information to support the development of digital and media literacy.

Sexual Health Unit
This teacher-developed resource has comprehensive information on sexually transmitted infections and contraception, but will need to be supplemented to discuss contemporary LGBTQ2S+ issues and perspectives. For Grades 8–12.

Sexual Rights—YouthCo
This lesson plan provides an excellent introduction to sexual rights, which should be followed up by more comprehensive discussions and debriefing with students. Links to resources are included at the end of the lesson plan. For Grades 9–10.

Contains excellent resources and a good introductory lesson about physical comfort. For Grades 4–5.

National Day of Remembrance and Action Against Violence Against Women lesson plan
This excellent resource includes a step-by-step explanation, with a “so what” summarizing activity at the end. 

Advocates for Youth
This site promotes youth in advocating for rights to access sexual health information, services and sexual health equity. 

Break the Cycle
This American website offers resources and training to help youth break the cycle of relationship violence.

Love is Respect
This American website offers supports for victims of sexual abuse and harassment as well as lessons and resources.

  • Educators Toolkits
    These resources for middle and high school teachers provide background information to help teachers identify and support potential victims of abuse and curriculum discussion guides on the topics of communicating effectively, resolving conflict, and stepping in.

Planned Parenthood
This American website contains information and resources to support healthy sexual relationships.

  • Digital tools
    Homepage with a link to a variety of teaching resources and lesson plans.
  • Consent 101
    Four videos developed to teach young people about consent.
  • Lesson plan on consent
    Well-organized for students and teachers. Accompanies four short videos on consent. For ages 17–22.
  • Lesson plan on media literacy
    Well-organized for students and teachers. Accompanies four short videos on consent. For ages 17–22.

Resource Center for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (ReCAPP) 
Provides information and resources to support healthy sexual relationships.

  • When Is It Okay?
    Lessons on preventing sexual assault. Engaging activities that are well organized for teachers. For Grades 10–12.

Stop Sexual Assault in Schools
These lesson plans are developed to proactively address the epidemic of traumatic sexual harassment that American students face. Well-organized, student-friendly resources include sections on prevention, support, informing, and empowering that are aimed at ensuring all students have access to an equal education that is free of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and gender discrimination. K–12. 

METRAC—Action on Violence
With their goal to end violence against women, METRAC’s downloadable resources are ready for use in the classroom. There are also online games and simulations that are easily accessible and training manuals for teacher facilitators who are teaching related curricula in Social Studies, Social Justice, Laws, Leadership, Civics, and Family Studies. Grades 10–12. 

White Ribbon Campaign
Through social media and mobile campaigns, the White Ribbon Campaign raises awareness about violence against women and also provides toolkits and simulations that address patriarchy and toxic masculinity.

  • Draw the Line teaching resources
    These lesson plans are available on topics ranging from gender-based violence to sexual harassment and touch on curriculum in Social Studies, Law, Social Justice, Civics, Leadership, Health and Physical Education, English, Arts, World Studies, Family Planning, Career Education, and Mathematics. Grades 9–12.

Teaching Sexual Health—Teacher Portal

Developed by Alberta educators and health professionals, this site offers information and strategies for educators to support the Alberta Human Sexuality curriculum.

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      Global Working Group to End School-Related Gender-Based Violence
      Part of the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative, this working group provides information and resources to help educators around the world respond to the issue of sexual harassment and abuse.

            • Elementary Teachers’ Toolkit
              These well-organized lesson plans for teachers are excellent tools to use to promote social responsibility in elementary school age children. Teach “Ready, Set, Respect” provides a framework from which to work.

            Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW)

            • Raise It Up youth program
              Provides an innovative instructional framework with the goal of preventing violence. This program is designed for educators to integrate into existing curricula and to reach teenagers in high schools and organizations using thought-provoking and engaging activities created specifically for youth.

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