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BCTF Affiliation

Canadian Teachers’ Federation

At the BCTF’s Annual General Meeting in March 2016, delegates voted to rejoin the Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF) after eight years outside the national teachers’ organization.

In part, the supporting statement read: “It's very clear that teachers, students, the profession, and public education across the country are increasingly facing the same issues, issues which require a unified national response. The BCTF not only has a lot to contribute to this response and to the national organization, it has a great deal to gain from active participation within the CTF and with other provincial teacher organizations.”

It also noted the tremendous solidarity and support the BCTF received from the CTF and its affiliates during our 2005, 2012, and 2014 strikes.

In July 2016, BCTF President Glen Hansman led the BCTF's delegation to the CTF AGM, where delegates unanimously approved the Federation's reintegration into the national organization.

As part of the CTF once again, BCTF members are now part of a national alliance of provincial and territorial teacher organizations that represent nearly 200,000 elementary and secondary school teachers across Canada. Through the CTF, the BCTF is now also a member of Education International, the global union federation that represents about 30 million teachers and education workers around the world.   

BC Federation of Labour and Canadian Labour Congress

BCTF members voted to join the BC Federation of Labour (BCFed) in 2003 for a three-year trial period. The trial period was followed by another member vote. In 2006, teachers voted 78.2% to join the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and maintain membership in the BCFed.

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