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Extracted from the Members' Guide to the BCTF

A. Active (Voting) Membership

20.A.02—Active (voting) membership shall be granted for the term of a person’s employment to:

  1. All persons employed as teachers in a B.C. school district who sign up to a local and the Federation, including:
    (a) teachers on call who hold a valid B.C. teaching certificate; and
    (b) persons who hold a valid BC teaching certificate, and who are employed by school boards to teach night school or adult education courses which are in the regular school curriculum, or equivalent thereto.

  2. All exchange teachers coming to B.C. from another country or province, without signing up or paying a membership fee.

  3. Associated professionals who are employed in a school district to provide professional services to students and/or teachers, who are covered by the collective agreement, and who sign up.

  4. Persons employed by school boards who teach in night school or adult education programs or courses which are part of the regular school curriculum or equivalent thereto, who have university level training or relevant specialized experience, who are covered by the collective agreement, and who sign up.

(Oct 89 RA, p. 4)
(Jan 00 RA, p. 12)

20.A.04—For certainty, the following categories of persons are deemed pursuant to By-law 1.1(b) to be active members of the Federation and of the local in which they have applied for active membership:

  1. Teachers on call who have not previously been active members, who are included on the TOC list in the district, and who are actively seeking work as a TOC: from the date of application for active membership for six months or until dues from employment are received, whichever period is shorter.

  2. A teacher on call active member who is elected as president or to another full or part-time position in a local: for the period of the term or terms of such office(s), provided dues are paid, at the regular rate, on the salary received by such active member for such office.

  3. An active member who is elected as a delegate to the Annual General Meeting, during the period up to the commencement of the AGM, for purposes of acting as a delegate to the AGM, provided that the individual may only attend the AGM as a delegate if active membership status has been otherwise re-acquired by the commencement of the AGM.

  4. An active member who has been elected to a BCTF local or provincial office or who has been appointed to a provincial committee or other position requiring active membership, and who retires from continuing employment with the school district, provided that,
    (a) the individual is placed forthwith on the TOC list in that district, and
    (b) the individual is actively seeking TOC work:
    for a period of six months or until dues are paid from employment as a TOC, whichever period is shorter.

(Jan 00 RA, p. 12)

20.A.06—Where an active member is employed in more than one school district:

(a) the active member is presumed to be a member of the first local in which application for membership is made;

(b) where an active member is employed as a teacher on call in one or more districts and is subsequently employed on a regular temporary or continuing contract in a district, membership will be assigned to a local in that district;

(c) an active member employed in more than one district may elect to change local by notice to BCTF membership department and the “old” and “new” locals, provided such notice is not given after lockout, or when strike notice is served by BCTF or a third party, and

(Aug. 01 RA, p. 3)

(d) such active member shall exercise membership and voting rights only in the local in which she/he is a member.

(Jan 00 Ex, pp. 10-11)

BCTF Active Membership application forms (F08-36) are available from the school board or local office.

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