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This list of professional development conferences is provided as a service to members. The Federation does not necessarily endorse all the conferences, nor does it accept liability for errors or omissions in any of the information provided. Individuals planning to attend a conference should contact the sponsoring organization to confirm the dates and other details of registration. Conferences sponsored by the Federation's provincial specialist associations appear in boldface type throughout the calendar.

Please note procedure statement 36.30.10: "That the BCTF's PD Calendar not publish PD events by outside agencies scheduled for the provincial PSA Day."

APRIL 2014

April 22 Vancouver, BC. EduTalks presents at University Women's Club at Hycroft from 6:30-9:30. An Introduction to Music Therapy in Special Education. Joel Kroeker (RCC, MA, MMT, MTA), a Registered Clinical Counselor, Music Therapist, Private Practitioner, and the founding international workshop facilitator of Archetypal Music Psychotherapy (AMP), a Jungian-oriented approach to the creative expressive arts, will introduce some of the most effective music therapy interventions for students with a variety of special needs and show how they can be applied by parents, professionals and educators in an experiential and interactive presentation. Participants are encouraged to bring a musical instrument (no musical background required). For more information and to register, visit:

April 22-26 Victoria, BC. BC Teachers' Institute on Parliamentary Democracy. The Legislative Assembly of British Columbia offers BC teachers an exciting professional development program at the Parliament Buildings in our provincial capital. Learn about parliamentary democracy, become champions of citizenship education, and return to your school with an enhanced understanding of our political system in British Columbia. You will meet with the Speaker of the House, MLAs, senior public officials, and have a behind-the-scenes tour of your Parliament Buildings. You will have plenty of opportunities to collaborate and share with colleagues from across the province. The deadline to apply online is: February 28, 2014. For further information, visit

April 25-27 Berkley, CA. Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, California. Fourth International Conference on Families with Parental Mental Health Challenges: Addressing the Needs of the Whole Family. This conference will bring researchers, educators, policy-makers, and providers from across disciplines together with members of the judiciary and those with lived experience. The primary aim is to share knowledge and experience, to advance the rights and highlight the needs of families striving to live well with parental mental health challenges. Related objectives include provision of an interactive forum to discuss common experiences, effective and evidence informed support and advocacy strategies, and contemporary, cutting edge, research. For more information, visit the conference website at E-mail to get on an enquiry list for updates.

April 26 Kelowna, BC. Teaching Social Thinking Through Stories and Play for Preschool and Early Elementary School. What looks like pure fun to us has important social consequences for the developing mind. The ability to participate in collaborative pretend play depends upon having a flexible brain, competent language ability, self-regulation, and solid social-emotional development as well the executive function skills to multi-task the use of all of the above! The new common core standards highlight the importance of “listening and collaboration” in the classroom, which are hallmarks of developmental learning in preschool and during the early elementary years. For more information: or call ACT--Autism Community Training at 604-205-5467 or email

April 29 Vancouver, BC. The PDK-UBC Chapter offers a dinner session addressing "Innovations in Assessment and Reporting." The session will examine innovations in how teachers assess student learning and report progress. The panelists will review changes being undertaken in Surrey and Maple Ridge and the process they undertook to innovate. They will also offer the reasons for the movement away from letter grades and share various perspectives. Panel speakers: Dr. Jordan Tinney, Superintendent, Surrey school district; Jan Unwin, Superintendent of Graduation and Student Transitions, BC Ministry of Education (retired superintendent, Maple Ridge school district); & Rod Allen, Superintendent, Learning Division, BC Ministry of Education. For more information or registration, by April 25, see Dinner and speaker event start 5:00 p.m. At the Arbutus Club, 2001 Nanton Avenue, Vancouver.

April 29 Vancouver, BC. EduTalks presents at University Women's Club at Hycroft from 6:30-9:30. The Use of the iPad for Special Needs Students--Part 2. Back by popular demand, Nadine Trottier, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) for the Burnaby school district, and Brigid Gaster, elementary teacher in an alternate program providing support to students with ASD, will discuss using iPads in a meaningful way with special needs students. They will elaborate on some of the apps presented in the Fall 2013 workshop and will introduce and walk participants through some new and exciting apps that can be implemented at home and at school. For more information and to register, visit:

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MAY 2014

May 1 Vancouver, BC (UBC). Assessing Assessment: Best Practice, New Research. This is the 12th annual one-day conference with a focus on the issues of early assessment for children at risk of delay. The conference will be of interest to primary, Kindergarten and elementary teachers as well as support staff, early childhood educators, and therapists working in a school-based environment. The conference brings together teachers, practitioners and researchers in a dialogue on the emerging research and practices of early assessment and intervention. A full conference program and registration information is available at or contact Joyce Branscombe at

May 2 Surrey, BC. Surrey Teachers' Association Convention Fabulous PD opportunity for all teachers, K-adult, all subject areas, including keynotes by Joel Bakan and Deborah MacNamara at our elementary and secondary sites, and Maestro Bramwell Tovey at our fine arts site. Excellent lunch, displays, excursions, and an extensive choice of workshops. Open to non-Surrey teachers for $100. Please browse our offerings through Registration opens on April 7, 2014.

May 2-3 Vancouver, BC. Today's Children & Youth, Tomorrow's Families 2014 Youth and Family Consensus Conference. The purpose of this conference is to bring together youth and families with researchers, policymakers, service providers and educators to share knowledge and experiences about practices that best meet the needs of people living with mental health and/or substance use challenges. The conference will focus on what youth and families need from each other, their communities and service systems to ?ourish today and in future generations. Abstract submission is now available! To view call for abstracts and to submit your abstract (deadline November 30, 2013), please visit For more information, please visit the conference website at E-mail to get on an enquiry list for updates.

May 3 Vancouver, BC. May 3 Vancouver, BC. UBC Faculty of Education and the BC Teachers' Federation co-hosts the 17th Annual IOP Conference--a one-day conference where practicing education professionals and students come together to share their questions, investigations and understandings about their practice. In recognition of the Faculty's Year of Teacher Education, the 17th Annual IOP Conference includes presentations dedicated to this theme. View the list of sessions and register at

May 16-18 Gig Harbour, WA. Association of Experiential Education North West Regional Conference, Shift Happens: New People, New Energy, New Direction. We are eagerly looking forward to this shift and what it will bring to our region of new and accomplished experiential practitioners. Conference highlights: Over 20 inspiring and dynamic workshops with amazing presenters, keynote--ActivatEE--a unique sharing platform designed to facilitate the process of creating one’s story, inspiring the use of one’s voice, and launching an idea, and the Annual US vs. Canada Broomball Match. or, or email Sheldon Franken at

May 16-18 Langley, BC. William Glasser Choice Theory Training, Advanced Intensive Level. Please contact Daphni at 604-948-1967 or

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JUNE 2014

June 30-July 18, Quebec City, QC. Institut de Français, UBC à Québec, French Bursary Program for Teachers. This French immersion program is intended for all teachers and administrators interested in learning or improving their French language skills. Visit, email: or call toll-free 1-866-528-7485. A poster is available at

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JULY 2014

July 7-11 Vancouver, BC. OR July 7-24. UBC-Vancouver. French Summer Institutes at UBC. One week or three weeks. Mornings only or full-day. Bursaries are available for French teachers from the Ministry of Education. Tuition Fee Certificates are also accepted. Visit, email: or call toll-free 1-866-528-7485. A poster is available at Immersion Institutes at UBC.pdf.

July 12-15 Vancouver, BC. The 3rd International STEM Education Conference is an opportunity for educators and researchers from schools, universities, colleges, businesses, industries and other agencies to share and discuss their innovative practices and research initiatives that may advance STEM education at UBC Vancouver. Call for papers closes December 9, 2012. For information on submissions, the conference and registration, visit

July 23-25 Surrey, BC. Youth Strengths & Prevention of Delinquency and Gang Involvement: Academics and Community Acting Together Conference. The conference will include many exciting features including and not limited to reporting on evidence-based research about the relationship between youth strengths and prevention of delinquency, violence, and gang involvement. The conference delegates will learn about AT-CURA's successes and share research and practice focusing on youth strengths to develop or improve youth programs and public policy. Delegates will include academic researchers, service providers, parents, teachers, youth, police agencies and government policy makers. Location: Sheraton Guildford Hotel. Call for submissions deadline Feb 28, 2014 (may be extended). For registration: For all other details on the conference: Phone: 604-599-2961 or email:

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August 18-20 Parksvile, BC. Achieving Excellence in Writing Annual Summer Seminar. This workshop presents an exceptionally effective method of teaching writing. Covering various stylistic techniques and structures, both expository and fictional writing are addressed. The material is easy to teach and easy for students to learn. The program provides an extremely powerful tool for teaching students to write effectively. Within a short time, students experience a dramatic improvement in their writing, which in turn, creates high levels of intrinsic motivation. Students are motivated to write, given the tools to write well, and led to take ownership of their writing. Meeting the requirements of both criteria-based assessment and ministry standards, this approach is ideal for teachers who are eager for their students to achieve excellence in writing. The workshop is fun and practical, offering an extensive set of skills to take back to the classroom to use immediately. Applicable for teachers with classes from Grades 2-11.For information or to register, contact: or phone 250-248-6434.

August 25-27 Vancouver, BC. Creating the Future: Partnerships for Inclusive Learning. This summer conference is designed for any individual with an interest in inclusive education in K-12. This includes administrators, classroom teachers, resource teachers, support staff, therapists and parents. Join us at the University of British Columbia on August 25-27, 2014 and learn successful strategies from expert speakers in the fields of: Universal Design for Learning (UDL); Positive Behaviour Supports (PBS); literacy; transition; inclusion in the BC context; parent-professional relationships. Contact: Angela Clancy at 604-540-8374 or e-mail: For more detailed info, please visit

August 26-27 Williams Lake, BC. School District 27 (Cariboo-Chilcotin) proudly presents Debbie Miller, author of "Reading with Meaning, No More Independent Reading without Support and Teaching with Intentions." She will present her knowledge of G.R.I.T. that will inspire teachers and principals in creating school and classroom cultures that supports students becoming independent learners and readers. Registration begins April 14, 2014 at Out of district--early bird one day $150; two days $200; after June 15, one day $200, two days $300. In district--early bird one day $100, two days $150; after June 15, one day $150, two days $225. Price includes lunch for both days. For more information contact: Lori Kelly at

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Future October PSA days   (BCTF procedure statement 30.A.14)

30.A. 14 That for the purposes of a province-wide PSA day, the BCTF supports the third Friday in October as the day on which all districts hold a professional day, except in years in which Thanksgiving Monday falls in the same week, in which case the fourth Friday would be the designated day.

2014 - 2015: October 24, 2014
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