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Public alert: Phone scam citing BCTF
It has come to our attention that unknown individuals have been making phone calls claiming to represent the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation and requesting banking information to authorize donations. For the record, the BCTF never solicits contributions from members of the public. The people making these calls are perpetrating a scam, and should be reported to the police.

Education Funding Fact Sheets
The BCTF has prepared a series of education fact sheets that are available online. These fact sheets analyze current data and trends on education funding, teacher staffing, class size and composition, student enrolment and graduation rates in British Columbia.

New BCTF ad campaign calls on teachers and parents to vote for a government that can be trusted to put kids first 
During his opening remarks to the BCTF's 101st Annual General Meeting, BCTF President Glen Hansman previewed the Federation's latest television ad that will hit airwaves on Monday. The ad is the first part of the BCTF's campaign leading up to the provincial election and the period when school district budgets will be set for the coming school year. It can be viewed on  Facebook  and  YouTube

BC Teachers urge government to take immediate action on seismic safety in schools
For over 15 years, repeated promises to seismically upgrade BC schools have been broken and multiple plans have been delayed, leaving BC’s teachers, school support staff, and students in unsafe and dangerous buildings.

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