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BCTF policy statement on inclusive education for students with special needs
At the BCTF’s 2018 Annual General Meeting, the Federation re-affirmed its commitment to the inclusion of all students in British Columbia’s public schools. The policy specifically states that “every student can learn, and every student is entitled to an appropriate education and full range of education services in their community.” It also acknowledges that some students require differentiated programs that funding, and training must be in place to support all children with special needs, and appropriate facilities and personnel must be provided by school districts. The policy also states, “a school’s administrative officer must establish and clearly communicate to all school personnel emergency response procedures that specifically address the safety of students with special needs.” More...

Updates on class-size, composition, and remedy

New data from the provincial government shows class-sizes in British Columbia have significantly improved since the BCTF's collective agreement language was restored by the Supreme Court of Canada. In the current 2017-18 school year, there are 45% fewer classes with more than 30 students than the previous year and class-size averages are down across the board. 

Pharmacare: A Plan for Everyone
Far too many Canadians can’t afford the medication they need. The Canadian Labour Congress has started a campaign in favour of a universal prescription drug plan for all Canadians. See a powerful video about one family’s impossible choice on the Pharmacare: A Plan for Everyone site, where you can also find out about the plan’s benefits to both people and the economy, and take a few seconds to sign the petition and send a message to your MP.

How BC votes: Have your say

Move to proportional representation? Stick with first past the post? This fall British Columbians will decide whether to change BC’s provincial voting system so that the number of votes more closely matches the number of elected representatives. More...

New investment in teacher education programs welcomed by the BCTF

BC Teachers’ Federation President Glen Hansman is welcoming the news that the provincial government plans to invest in more teacher education spaces to help address the province’s teacher shortage. 

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