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Class composition stats highlight Premier's broken promise 
During last year's strike, Premier Christy Clark promised to make class composition her number one priority. However, statistics released today show there has been virtually no improvement. According to the government's own figures, there are 16,156 classes with four or more children with special needs.  

Bill 11 gives minister new powers to force underfunding agenda
Bill 11, if passed, will have broad implications for how school boards operate, how student data can be used, and how teachers improve practice with professional development.

Five Reasons A ‘Yes’ Vote In The Transit Plebiscite Is Good For Workers
This one-page sheet from the BC Federation of Labour provides five simple reasons why Metro Vancouver residents should vote Yes in the upcoming transit and transportation plebiscite. Many more reasons and additional information can be found at and

Public funding of private schools boosted by Ministry
The Ministry this year gave independent schools a $5 million increase based on the Labour Settlement Fund resulting from the strike by public school teachers. Private schools get even more if the district they are located in is funded for drops in enrolment. Read the details here.

Independent school funding has increased more than 60% in the last decade, compared to less than 20% for public schools. Ministry budget projections for the next 3 years show further major gains. More...

Teacher Solidarity Across Borders
Read a new article about the importance of international solidarity in counteracting the effects of neo-liberalism worldwide. The BCTF works in partnership with other teacher unions to help strengthen one another, understand global trends in education policy, and build capacity to influence education policy, practices and programs.
Find out more about the BCTF’s International Solidarity program at the updated webpage here.

Education funding—questions and answers
Does education funding for public schools even keep up with general inflation? What about other downloaded costs? Find answers to these and other questions about education funding.

Keep up to date with professional issues
The BCTF Pro-D News is a monthly online newsletter informing members about issues such as teacher autonomy and Pro-D choices, professional learning communities, teacher inquiry, use of Pro-D days, research from Federation staff, Ministry initiatives, and much more. If you would like to suggest items for the newsletter, please email Jenny Garrels.

From BCeSIS to MyEducation BC—a look at critical issues
The ministry has adopted MyEducation BC as the new student information system for BC schools to replace BCeSIS. New technologies always raise issues—from implementation and support to privacy in the era of “Big data.” This Powerpoint frames some of these issues.

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