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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 16, Number 4, March 2004

Ten new BCTF lesson aids

1 LA 2005 The Other American: North American History–1774-2001 by Eric Bonfield, 349 p. ©2003. This book fulfills all the learning objectives and themes of the Social Studies IRP for Grades 9 to 11. The book offers an 80-page critical thinking primer to support six themes and 30 critical thinking units. This full-indexed work also contains an ethical primer and an appendix of additional primary sources for classroom use. The book has been successfully field tested and has received praise from students and teachers. This textbook offers a thoughtful opportunity to critically examine the historical relationship between Canada and the United States. Grades 9–11 $69.95

2 LA 8080 Raising Readers by Phyllis Mitchell, ©200 28 p. This unit is written by a teacher to offer parents a resource that will assist them to become fully involved in raising their children as readers. The unit includes suggested book titles for reading development, ritual, exemplary books, identification, literature, merit, and learning. The author offers tips for raising readers and for choosing books wisely. Ages 3—9 $3.50

3 LA 2097 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is—Fresh Look at Economics Through Agriculture by BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, AgAware BC, Open Learning Agency, ©2002,15-minute videocassette and 22-page handbook. Video follows host Ryan as he explores the hothouses and highways of agricultural production, distribution and marketing in B.C. Ryan delves into hot economic issues such as resource sustainibility, branding, and international trade. Examining the economic cycle, viewers see how consumer choices have effects that reach far beyond the grocery store. Grade 11. $22.95

4 Fun Phonics by Creative Teaching Press, Inc., ©1993, 24 p. These four illustrated resource books with accompanying CDs include a lively collection of poems, chants, songs and accompanying activities. Engaging themes, colourful imagery and game like activities draw the students’ attention to the components of spoken and written language. Young learners quickly master basic phonics skills as they sing, dance, and move to the lively songs. Motivating movement games and related hands-on activities reinforce learning. Children make meaningful phonetic associations in the context of familiar, engaging text. Song lyrics can be reproduced to make student copies. Grades K–2

LA 8076 Consonants $14.95

LA 8077 Short Vowels $14.95

LA 8078 Long Vowels $14.95

LA 8079 Blends and Digraphs $14.95

5 LA 8241 Rights, Roles and Responsibilities at School, Grades K—1 co-produced by The Critical Thinking Consortium and B.C. Ministry of Education, ©2002 109 p. The nine critical thinking challenges in this unit explore the responsibilities of various school roles, including students’ own responsibilities. In the introductory section on needs and wants, students learn to recognize what is needed for different objects to work, activities to take place and people to function. They then consider their most important learning needs at school and the responsibilities they and others have to ensure that these needs are met. In the final challenge, students monitor and assess how well they meet their responsibilities to themselves and to others. $15

6 LA 9314 Explorers of Canada by Sonja E. Schild, 2002, 71 p. This book includes worksheets, maps, an evaluation form, an answer key. It is reproducible and suitable for elementary students, ESL students, home schooling and special needs students. The first half of the book teaches students the most important discoveries and achievements of the explorers by using maps, charts and illustrations. The second half of the book reinforces and tests students by using pictures, games, maps and word-search puzzles. Brainwork sections require research and encourage creative thinking and problem solving. The following explorers are profiled in the book: Leif Ericsson, John Cabot, Jacques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, Henry Hudson, Henry Kelsey, Pierre La Vérendrye, Anthony Henday, Samuel Hearne, Alexander Mackenzie, George Vancouver, Simon Fraser, David Thompson, John Franklin, Roald Amundsen and Henry Larsen. Elementary $24.95

7 LA 9323 The Resourcefulness of the Inuit, Grade 4 Co-produced by The Critical Thinking Consortium and B.C. Ministry of Education, ©2002 167 p. The 11 critical thinking challenges in this unit celebrate the cultural uniqueness and resourcefulness of the Inuit, both past and present. Students infer from drawings how the Inuit traditionally met their basic needs and the challenges they faced. They then examine modern-day life and what we can learn from the Inuit. Included in these activities is a simulated general store where students purchase the clothing and supplies needed for a trip to the Arctic. Three supplementary literature-based challenges further explore the resourcefulness of the Inuit. $15

8 LA F2227 Aperceivoir l'arc-en-ciel ©2002, 135 p. Document préparé par la Fédération canadienne des enseignantes et des enseignants. Ce nouveau document captivant présente aux éducatrices et éducateurs canadiens un survol des contextes sociopolitiques dans lesquels le milieu éducationnel a traité, traite et devrait traiter les questions relatives à la bisexualité, à la bispiritualité, à l‚homosexualité et au transgendérisme. La première section du document donne des RENSEIGNEMENTS détaillés, et notamment des stratégies par lesquelles les enseignantes et enseignants ainsi que les communautés scolaires peuvent aborder l‚homophobie et l‚hétérosexisme et faire des écoles des milieux plus sécuritaires pour les élèves, le personnel et les parents. Cette section contient également des plans de cours et des activités pour les élèves et le personnel. La deuxième section du document comprend des HISTOIRES émouvantes d‚éducatrices et d‚éducateurs canadiens de diverses régions du pays. Ces histoires sont empreintes de conseils et d‚encouragements. Finalement, la troisième section présente des RESSOURCES et contient des listes détaillés de matériel pédagogique, d‚organisations intéressées à la question ainsi que de livres et de vidéos à l‚intention des élèves et du personnel enseignant. Par Teacher. $18.50.

9 LA 9545 Coastal Creatures produced by Engaging Science, a joint venture of the H.R. Macmillan Space Centre, Science World BC, and the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, ©2002 39 p. This resource package explores how bizarre and wondrous animals and plants thrive in British Columbia’s rich coastal waters. Includes fun and easy hands-on classroom activities to get "up close and personal" with fish, investigates the lifestyles of the tiny and planktonic, and models how whales communicate. Students will discover how much can be learned about animals by relating their form and function, and grasp the animals' connections to each other, to their ecosystems and to themselves. Grades K–7 $11

10 LA S63 Beach Explorations by Gloria Snively. This resource guide enables any teacher–beginner to expert–to help students understand basic seashore ecology. How is a surf-swept sandy beach different from a protected sandy beach? How is a mud flat different from a salt marsh or an estuary? This resource book teaches students basic marine ecology concepts: habitat, tidal cycle, predator and prey, microscopic plankton, life cycles, food relationships, limiting factors, adaptation, succession, zonation, and above all, conservation. Students develop basic inquiry skills, including how to collect and identify plankton, use microscopes, conduct beach studies, keep a field notebook, and much more. Besides a glossary of illustrated terms, this resource book contains 39 blackline masters for making transparencies and 15 students worksheets. Grades 5–10 $34.95

Many curriculum resources and information are available at www.bcalmer.ca/.

For a complete listing of over 1000 BCTF Lesson Aids, consult the cataloque in your school library or the Lesson Aids online catalogue. bctf.ca/LessonAids

To order any of the above lesson aids, enclose a cheque payable to the BCTF or authorized purchase order to BCTF Lesson Aids Service 100-550 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4P2. GST and postage/ handling are included in the prices. Orders are sent by return mail.

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