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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 16, Number 4, March 2004

Training department—PD Associate leadership opportunity: Performance standards

The BCTF offers workshops on the B.C. performance standards. Associates are required in the following areas:

Using Performance Standards for Reading/Writing: 1 secondary, 1 elementary or middle school

Using Performance Standards for Numeracy: 1 elementary, 1 middle school

Using Performance Standards for Social Resonsibility: 2 secondary, 1 elementary or middle school

Applicants should have extensive experience using performance standards in the classroom, a strong background in reading and writing instruction, mathematics instruction, or social responsibility/social justice work, and successful experience in facilitating workshops for colleagues. Teachers selected as associates work as volunteers and are provided with release time and expenses to cover facilitation of workshops/presentations, assist with the development of workshop materials and resources, and must commit to facilitate workshops/presentations for three years, 5 to 10 days per year.

To apply, send a completed curriculum vitae form with references to the BCTF Training Department, 100—550 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4P2, F: 604-871-2293. The deadline for applications is March 12, 2004. For more information on workshop programs, contact Nancy Hinds, 604-871-1840, Toll free: 1-800-663-9163, nhinds@bctf.ca

Because the BCTF has an affirmative action policy, each applicant may wish to provide on a voluntary basis, the information as to whether he/she is male or female, a person of colour, a First Nations person, a person with a disability, or gay/lesbian.

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