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Teacher Newsmagazine Volume 16, Number 6, May/June 2004

Looking back

70 years ago

Another school year is near its close, and the much-needed vacation is in sight. There are many who envy the teachers on account of their so-called long holiday, but if all such could appreciate at its proper value the tremendous strain involved in a teaching year, particularly with the intensive work which is necessary in the closing months, they would soon understand how essential it is that teachers as well as students should have the necessary period in which to build up the required mental and physical energy with which to face the new year.

The BC Teacher, June 1934

50 years ago

That parents just cannot take matters into their own hands and that teachers have just protection against interfering parents was amply demonstrated in a recent assault case. The incident arose when a parent objected to a certain course of discipline used by a teacher. In "discussing" the incident with the teacher, the parent picked up a book and struck the teacher on the head with it. The local association concerned felt that such occurrences should not be tolerated and persuaded the teacher to start Court action against the parent. The case was settled out of Court finally when the parent paid the teacher $50.00 damages, signed a public apology, and paid the teacher’s legal costs.

The B.C. Teacher, May/June 1954

30 years ago

For too long we have insisted that the most important person in the school system is the pupil. In a very real sense that is wrong. The most important person is the teacher, because if we have the right kind of teachers in the classrooms, the students will be all right.

The B.C. Teacher, May/June 1974

10 years ago

The government’s rush to legislate provincial bargaining and demands have left little time for serious consideration of the implications of the proposed legislation. The strong local contract provisions for which teachers fought hard—in many instances even took strike action—are under attack by this government. To protect our hard-won gains and maintain and enhance the quality of education, we must continue to oppose the legislation, making it clear that we will not tolerate contract stripping. The long, hot summer, which we hope will be relaxing for most, may well turn into a long, hot fall and winter for all of us.

Teacher, May/June 1994

– Chris Bocking, Keating Elementary School, Saanich

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